Destiny – Don’t Be So Quick To Judge

Gameranx's Jacob Saylor writes a defense of Destiny, in the face of so much criticism of the game's quality.

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urwifeminder1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Read the first line of this article and decided I did not like it could be just poor judgement on my behalf though.

uth111497d ago

"I sniff the in-box game manual as a tradition before rapidly inserting the game disc into my Playstation 4."

well no wonder, the lack of oxygen to his head obviously affected his perception of the game. And that's not a snap judgement either, I spent a good 45 seconds deciding that! :P

DFray9191497d ago

I like the smell of the new manual too!

user3672721497d ago

I had played this game for almost a week and must had put in 15 hours total and if I am still bored and fusturated with it, then am I still quick to judge? I won't be playing anymore though as I traded in my copy yesterday. Not surprisingly, there were a few other copies on the used rack as well at my local Gamestop.

objdadon1497d ago

Lol! 15 hours in a week? I've put in over 80! This game provides me with new content every day! Stop hating!

user3672721497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

8o in a week!? Here, here is a prize for you for being marathon man. 🏆, wish I have that much time to play games. Normal humans like myself have other needs too.

Eddie201011496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Like hating on a great game on N4G, time well spent, NOT.

You are aloud to have your opinion and so is everyone else.

I quaranty that I have been playing games for many years longer than most people on N4G and no way this game deserves the amount of hate it is getting. If the game was boring to me I would known in the first few hours, it wouldn't take fifteen hours to figure it out. Everyone saying they played 15, 20, 30 hours of the game and saying it is boring, you couldn't get me to play a game that long if it was boring.

Phene1497d ago

I've shared my disappointment for this game in a few threads. But honestly last night I had a blast playing multiplayer. Peace out single player (which is disappointing...I agree with the majority).

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