The Tomorrow Children – Delving deeper into Dylan Cuthbert’s weird, wonderful PS4 exclusive

PSBlog :

"Among the brand new PS4 games announced by Sony Worldwide Studios at Gamescom last month was The Tomorrow Children – a striking, unusual open-world adventure title from the reliably eccentric PixelJunk developer, Q-Games. As you can tell from the reveal trailer, it’s an intriguingly out-there creation, placing you in the shoes of a clone as she explores a strange post-apocalyptic landscape in search of resources to restore humanity and protect her fledgling community from fearsome beasts."

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G20WLY1546d ago

This game seems fresh - and yet at the same time a kind of cross between Minecraft and tower defence, but FAR deeper than either, going on that interview.

It's also got "my future addiction" written all over it!

Evilsnuggle1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

This is why I LOVE Sony. Thank you Mark Cerny for games like The Tomorrow Children. I was in love with this game the first time I saw it. Microsoft would never make games like The Tomorrow Children. Microsoft only makes bro games for teenage boys to young adults actions and explosions. The Tomorrow Children look incredible. The Tomorrow Children is in my top 5 most wanted games list. Long live Sony long live creativity in video games.

Zenith4k1545d ago

Now that I know a bit more about it I'm curious, but that would go straight away if there are micro --- transactions

Gravity_DoGG1545d ago

There are micro transactionso in all games? sometimes it's just called DLC lol

uth111545d ago

sounds great. Maybe like minecraft without the blocky graphics?

XtraTrstrL1545d ago

This game could be very cool.

HaveAsandwich1545d ago

pssh. day one. no questions.

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