New Assassin’s Creed Unity Co-Op Trailer Sets the Tone and Ramps Up the Kills

Ubisoft has just released a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity featuring the upcoming game’s co-operative gameplay.

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skulz71494d ago

This is the game I am looking out for this year. Finally, a purely next-gen AC game that not only is adding awesome features, but it is going back to the roots of the franchise. Can't wait for this. Anyone who bashes at Assassins Creed shouldn't. Its the one annual series I respect, purely because Ubisoft manage to create a historical open world (which is incredibly difficult to do) and continues to create immersive gameplay with some awesome characters.. Respect to the team who work hours to provide us with a series full of potential.

CJDUNCAN1494d ago

I actually agree with you. I was sorely hoping this years AC would take us to either Japan or China, and I was disappointed when I found it was the french revolution. But the more info that came out about this game the more I got excited about the possibilities.

I can't wait for this release.

skulz71494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Don't worry. They can't stay out of Asia forever! I suspect a China / Japan game will come this gen! I would love either China, India, England or any Ancient period of history.

Lwhit61494d ago

I'm actually gald that they didn't do Asia this year. I mean, this game has some drastic technical advances, but imagine how great the tech will be for the Asia game that they might do in a few years? It'll be even better and more amazing than this game is looking up to be.

aCasualGamer1494d ago

I agree as well. There are very few franchises out there that manages to bring new and compelling stories every single year with great free roaming gameplay.

The story is so deep you'll never have a boring moment in any of the AC games.

I thought AC Black Flag was going to be an afterthought but they put so many new elements to the gameplay and storyline that it felt like the next stage of the franchise. I only hope this new "nextgen only" title will do the same. =)

starchild1494d ago

Well said. Totally agree. This game looks incredible all around, from gameplay to setting to narrative and graphics.


I also agree with you. I was hoping that Ubisoft would finally take the series to Feudal Japan or Ancient China, but even though the French Revolution isn't my first pick the game has won me over with all of its features and improvements. It looks amazing.

CJDUNCAN1493d ago

i remember they had sketches for a comic with an assassin in Egypt. That would be epic too, but it would push the timeline back to Altair days.

That's the beautiful thing about the series, there's so many options.

EdoubleD1494d ago

Man, my weapon of choice will be either a spear or an axe.
Those kills look really good, not to mention the game itself.

Day 1

ScorpiusX1494d ago

This just keep reassuring me that it's a day one buy. Now if they would only releases a AC Rogue version for Xbox one & PS4 I would be happy .