Murasaki Baby review: Take my hand | GameZone

GameZone's Lance Liebl: "With each vocalization of how unsure she is, of how lost she feels in this unknown, creepy, Tim Burton-esque world, my heart breaks a little. I want to guide Baby along and keep her safe from the twisted things awaiting her on her journey to find her Mom. Every misstep of mine could lead to her demise, which makes every second more nerve-wracking. Run from something too quickly and she could stumble and fall, making me feel even worse."

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Riggans421546d ago

Fine review. But I'll still wait for it to go on sale.

Protagonist1545d ago

"I gasped every time something would happen to Baby. "

Heh, that made me curious.

Spotie1545d ago

I may just have to pick this up.