Why is Destiny Selling so Well and Known so Little?

Destiny is not memorable.

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DanielGearSolid1497d ago

It took a couple games in the series for each and every big name IP to become known in mainstream media. Or atleast a few months after launch.

Destiny has been out 8 days...

What is this author expecting?

xTHEFIZZx1497d ago

Well I mean, it's also by Bungie. There was SO much hype before the game released, one would think that it would have much more of a presence in the mainstream. It did shatter sales records, but at least in my experience, if I mention destiny to anyone other than hard core gamers, they're like huh? The sales alone should spark some conversation, but it's not.

Lord_Sloth1496d ago

Everybody's offline playing it.

Azmatik1496d ago

After being a bit dissapointed at first i gave destiny more of my time im now almost lvl 27 and cant stop playing this game its fantastic and very addictive whoever says the enemies are boring and all these other things clearly just beat the story and quit, did you play the lvl 28 nightfall strikes? Probly not because those are intense! Theres also tons of wepons/armor to collect and the PvP is good too after all this i give the game 9/10 especially since all the content thats coming out in september alone. My advice dont listen to reviews or ppl and dont expect some ground breaking amazingness never seen in a game before like sooo many ppl are doing and just enjoy the game.

venom061496d ago

is really ISN'T selling that well Mr. Author.

700p1496d ago

The problem with this is..THIS GAME IS KNOWN OUT TO THE PUBLIC LOL. It has over 300million dollars worth of sales in the first week.

ritsuka6661497d ago

Why is Destiny Selling so Well and Known so Little?

500 millions of marketing can sell average games buddy. you have to know that....

Eddie201011496d ago

It's already bean corrected by Bungie that their was no where near 500 million spent on Destiny for deveopment or marketing, Bobby Kotick was saying it is a 500 million dollar franchise., that does not equate to 500 million spent on the game. Gaming sites blew that out of proportion.

gamerfan09091496d ago

Despite Destiny being hot garbage, Bungie is on Rockstar's level of popularity when it comes to big name devs. It's them, Rockstar, and maybe Nintendo when it comes to devs that are household names. This was their new IP and first game since Halo reach which was 4 years ago and it was them going back to being multiplatform. This game would've sold regardless.

MysticStrummer1496d ago

"Despite Destiny being hot garbage"

That's as far as I got. Everyone I know that's playing it is loving the game, and an average of the review scores does not reveal garbage.

HacSawJimThugin1496d ago

Despite Destiny being hot garbage

Spoken like a person who has never played Destiny. Do you even game bro...

uth111496d ago

known so little? 2 out of every 3 articles on this site is still about Destiny. If you pay any attention to the games media at all, you must have heard of it?

JD_Shadow1496d ago

It's also because of the whole notion of it being an MMO. MMO's, usually, have a knack for not picking up until later on when people begin to hit the endgame. Those that are willing to judge a MMO's fun factor by the first 10 or so levels are going to be very disappointed. There was a reason why Blizzard wanted to fix the early leveling experience in WoW: they saw many were quitting before they hit level 10 (but when they went to try to make it more enjoyable and tried to make the learning curve less steep, the elitists of that game began to cry out, saying that they were making it "too easy", as if the first 10 levels not telling you anything about how to play the game was "hardcore" to them).

With this game, I would wait until people hit the endgame, and had some runs with their friends, form a group, kill things as a group, and then judge the game on those merits. I'm not sure why people are just seeing the early game and going "it sucks". If you judged WoW that way, then you would've never gotten ANYONE to commit to it. The raids in WoW, at least in Cata, were some of the best ones because it told of good stories, and it was the right kind of challenge (it forced you to use skill, but didn't feel cheap or padded).

I would say to give this game a chance to develop its endgame and try to alter the things that might need some adjustments. NO MMO got it right on launch day (WoW didn't, we all know how much of a mess FF14 was in when it debuted, and it took a while for them to get FF11 to where it is right now).

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