The PlayStation 3's top 25 gaming experiences: #25-11

It’s quickly becoming apparent just how incredible the PlayStation 3’s line-up really is as we move closer to the twilight of the seventh generation. Trying to equate and shrink almost eight years of games into one numbered list is admittedly doing the console an injustice. However, you’ll notice that the headline reads “gaming experiences,” not “games.” Simply put, this is so this editor can cheat. Trying to pick one out of a franchise of greats is difficult and, rather than muddle a very short list with multiple titles of a series, Jason would rather give an entire recommendation for a worthy group.

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LaWiiG1583d ago

Sad, most of those games are sitting in my backlog. I wish there were more hours in the day. But, I can say that Uncharted was one of my favorite series. Wish they didn't have to go and make an Uncharted 4. Just lay it to rest, already.

ForgottenProphecy1583d ago

Hopefully when PlayStation Now kicks up we can all start hacking at our backlogs

JasonRoseEh1582d ago

Thanks for tuning in everyone. The Top 10 list is right here: http://playstationenthusias...