PocketGamer Review: Monopoly Tycoon 2008

Boardgame sessions always start with the best of intentions, on at least one person's part. Of course, with Monopoly, it will often degenerate into a cringe-worthy spectacle of the unruly sore loser upending the whole board, sending hundreds of the little paper notes into the air the moment they land on a hotel-lined Park Lane for the third time.

With this in mind, it's perhaps safer to play boardgames on your own, on your mobile. Failing that, at least practising on your own a bit will mean you're less likely to be the frustrated sore loser when playing the real-life counterpart. Monopoly Tycoon doesn't offer the traditional board game experience that Monopoly Here & Now successfully attempted, though. Instead, it adopts the structure and some of the rules of the game, grafting them onto a more financially-aware game.

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