'As Long As The Game Is Good, I Won’t Care About Subtle Variations In Resolution or Frame rate': Dev

The PlayStation 4 has been able to render most multiplatform games at better resolution and frame rate compared to the Xbox One. But does this matter in the grand scheme of things?

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mhunterjr1496d ago

I feel the same way. I never play a game wondering how it looks on other systems

MysticStrummer1496d ago

That's good, but there are definitely those here who cared greatly about smaller differences last generation yet don't care now. I didn't care then and don't care now, but the reversal of opinions here has been very entertaining to watch, especially when during the run-up to the reveals those same people were saying Sony couldn't afford to make a more powerful console than MS. Not only did they do that, they charged less for it.

Death1495d ago


Nothing like holding a grudge for a decade is there?

The PS3 was set to "dominate" and start the next gen etc. When the super computer game console that couldn't be exported to the middle east in fear it would be turned into a weapon of mass destruction launched and released games that were under-performing when compared to the console it was supposed to crush people did indeed point and laugh.

It wasn't that two equal consoles launched and one had a slight edge, it was two consoles launched and the PS3 was hyped to no end with it's Cell processor and revolutionary Blu-ray drive that was supposed to make every Xbox owner feel like a chump.

Sony fans weren't the victims here, they were the offenders that were left with nothing to back up all the bs they talked for a year.

Here we are a gen later and these same fans are marching to the domination drum salivating at every chance they get to prove how awesome they are.

No one cares.

The differances then were a joke, they are a joke today.

MysticStrummer1495d ago

"Nothing like holding a grudge for a decade is there?"

Finding a reversal of opinion entertaining isn't "holding a grudge". I get no personal joy from the fact of PS4's better multi plat performance, but I do get chuckles from people who don't care about resolution now when they used to talk up smaller differences last generation.

As for the rest of your reply, before the reveals plenty of XB fans were here telling us how Sony couldn't afford to build a stronger console than MS, and so MS would dominate the new generation. Just as Sony encouraged Cell worship last generation, MS is encouraging Cloud and Secret Sauce worship this generation.

As I said, I didn't care about the differences while I was playing games on my PS3, and I don't care about the differences now. They didn't make me want a 360 then, and they wouldn't stop me from buying an XB1 now if I wanted one.

reko1495d ago


at the end of the year who won again?
ps3 right?

Death1495d ago

At the end of the year who won?

Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 fans that bought and enjoyed the games on their systems.

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iTechHeads1495d ago

Ever since I got my PS4 I don't either.

qwerty6761496d ago

it really doesn't. the only people who care are the fanboys.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1496d ago

And PC fanboys mostly who try to shit on consoles.

ravensly1496d ago

i see sony fanboys talking about xbox one resolution but when it comes to pc they dont care about resolution or framerates.

MysticStrummer1496d ago

@ravensly - Because PCs aren't consoles. They aren't all the same, so it's not the same conversation.

BootyBandit1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Maybe in your world. Not in mine. I've been gaming for decades and my friends and most gamers I have known have been discussing graphical differences even before the NES / Sega Master System.

We all have purchased every console released over the past few decades and would compare multiplat and debate over exclusive titles and which console had the best graphics. This generation there was been a pendulum shift for most of my friends. We all favored the 360 when it came to multiplats but now we favor the PS4.

Also I have a gaming rig and try to keep it up to date to get the most out of it I can. I will definitely sacrifice higher settings to get smoother frame rates but when I have to do that I usually put more money into my rig so I don't have to sacrifice at all. Since I'm still rocking 1080p displays I wont have to make any upgrades for a long time.

It's odd how there are so many articles on this topic now, and although there are still comparison articles, they have dropped significantly with this new generation. It's even more odd how now all of a sudden differences don't matter when they did for most on this site before this generation started.

Personally I have the best of all worlds so I care less either way. All I want from fans and the media is consistency but I know that's too much to ask for in this day and age of sensationalism and drive by journalism (It's hard to keep a straight face when I use that word since most are not real journalist but just random people with web space) and fanboys perpetuating the so called "console wars".

EvilWay1496d ago

I agree, as long as the frame rate doesn't make the game very choppy that is

Artista 1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

So long as the games run well. . It's all good.

almost every decision made during development is for the sake of optimization. The hardware resources are limited. Sacrifices are made, for the best.

Also, There are devs that are more capable than others, with more financial resources than others. So, games performances will always vary just like the quality of the finished products. Not to mention the fact that there are other variables to consider.

DougLord1496d ago


All that matters is resolution and frame rate. 1080p and 60fps automatically makes a game a 10 regardless of gameplay, plot or anything else. If its 1079p and 59fps - ITS A 2 - no matter how fun.

uth111496d ago

plus it doesn't take nearly as long to count the pixels on the screen when the resolution is 1079p or less. That gives you more time to notice how boring the game really is!

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