Ubisoft's The Crew Is Always Online, Has 6000 Km Of Road, No Dynamic Weather & No Loading

"Ubisoft's The Crew is gearing up for its release this November, so ahead of its launch Ubisoft has been displaying the next-gen racer at this years GamesCom and answering the questions fans want to know." - TGC

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vishmarx1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

no dynamic weather in an open world game= fail
and since when could racing games not afford the liberty?

MSBAUSTX1491d ago

Exactly. 6000KM of roads and no weather changes? Thanks but no thanks Ubersoft. I will be buying project cars and Forza instead.

1491d ago
MSBAUSTX1491d ago


I am quite the idealist and when I have a chance to show support for something I truly believe in, I do it. I love all three of my next Gen consoles but I really don't want the Wii U to be left hanging in the wind on some third party titles. When I heard they were going to make sure that the Wii U version of Project cars would happen and look extremely close to the other platforms, I decided then that I would buy it for Wii U to try and support the development for it.

That may seem stupid and foolish but I really want Nintendo to succeed and try to show my support when companies do things right on that system. It is why I promoted Deus Ex and the batman games for it so hard and games like Bayonetta and possibly Devils Third will be just as amazing. Other than that I will definitely be getting drive club and Forza.

SideNote1491d ago

@Funk..or Drive a real car for real weather effects, then play Forza Horizon 2 because its so much fun. Driveclub looks really neat, but graphics aren't a win for gameplay.

Wescyde1491d ago

It says no dynamic weather, which means it wont just rain or snow out of the blue. But i am sure there are weather changes based on where you are in the U.S.

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theXtReMe11492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

This pretty much sealed the games fate for me. If there's no single player then I'm not playing. I don't play multiplayer. Also, the dynamic weather would've changed things up and made races dynamic in the fact that you never knew what kind of conditions you were going to hit while you're racing, which would add to the suspense of any corner you turn. Changing traction and aggressiveness.

I just think the games going to have too much wide open space and very few actual cities to race on, which is going to lead to a lot of boring driving in between cities. Granted, you can fast travel to the cities, but then what's the point of having the entire(shortened) map of the United States to drive in? It just seems as time went on, they kept on hitting more and more of a brick wall with this game engine. It sounds like the game could use another six months or more in the hopper. Getting issues worked out and creating some sort of a single player game for those who don't have Internet, have a less than reliable connection or just enjoy playing single player. Which I think is going to be the biggest downfall of this game. I think people will play it for a few months and then move on to a more fleshed out offering, like Driveclub, Forza or Project Cars.

psvitamanfan1492d ago

Agreed. I think they're going for a more arcadey feel with it, hence the fast travel and such. Definitely gonna give it a go though, for when I want a break from the ultra realistic driving sims.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081492d ago

*I think people will play it for a few months and then move on to a more fleshed out offering like driveclub, forza or project CARS*

i totally disagree with you on that part! so you saying i'll be bored with it in a few months and i'll be interested in better racing games like 3 you just named, right? uh, you don't speak for me, so you don't know what i'll like or what i'll be more interested in. Everybody has their own tastes in racing games! some will like it, some will not like it. You stepped too far over the line with that part!

hiredhelp1491d ago

Hey dude calm your beep down or ill burst your bubble.

HOLDERofFOOD1491d ago

The very fact that he said "I think" before his statement suggests that it's his own opinion and speculation. You can disagree, but he definitely did not cross a line with that one.

thricetold1491d ago

Agreed with the first part of your post but disagree that people will move on to the "better" games you mentioned. Tons of racers prefer a more arcade experience than a SIM racer.

Quite honestly I find sims to be overly boring, very pretty cars/landscape, very boring to drive. Tons of people dont want "realism" in their racing.

4Sh0w1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )


I actually love the multiplayer component of racing games the most, its just always more satisfying for me to race with real humans win or lose vs singleplayer with cpu controlled cars. I do understand how no sp can be a turn off for others though. The Crew looks like an overall good game it just seems like it's missing all the bells and whistles compared to Forza Horizon 2.

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Codewow1492d ago

"No loading" Let's not say none at all... There is plenty of loading, just not when you're going cross-country. My experience with the beta(Which is completely subject to change) is that loading takes a while, at least, on my PC. Once i'm in, I am good to go, though.

SteamPowered1491d ago

Sick of loading? Sounds like its time for an SSD. They are really coming down in price and you dont need an excessively large one.

Codewow1490d ago

I don't know why you got downvoted, but I totally agree.

Flamingweazel1491d ago

No weather in an open world game.....ugh not good.

lemoncake1491d ago

There is weather in the game, it is just not dynamic weather they have said certain areas will get certain weather conditions. Just dont expect that rain cloud to slowly roll across the entire map while you play.

MSBAUSTX1491d ago

How do they have different weather conditions for different areas if there is not any loading going on? Hmmm....

Gamer4life8881491d ago

"The Crew Is Always Online"
suddenly i lost all interest in the game

Somebody1490d ago

Agreed on the always online thing. In fact two of the biggest games from Ubisoft, The Crew and The Division, is among the few of my least anticipated games because they are always online.

But...why do you lose interest now? I thought Ubisoft made it clear that the game was designed to be online only when they first announced the game.

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