VGChartz: Global Weekly, 30th August 2014

PS4 - 155,247 (+10%)
3DS - 99,578 (0%)
XOne - 82,629 (+56%)
PS3 - 51,544 (+18%)
WiiU - 45,843 (-6%)
PSV - 34,683 (+23%)
X360 - 26,137 (-1%)
Wii - 7,332 (-2%)
PSP - 3,612 (-11%)

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Concertoine1492d ago

That Xbone bundle was definitely worthwhile, even if it couldnt get near the PS4 sales.

Eonjay1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Next week, it should have an additional boost thanks to launching in other regions. And then the week after that it should get a boost from free game week during Destiny launch (PS4 should get a huge bump that week as well)... speaking of which, I am interested to here an official announcement for Destiny first week sales. Should be the biggest game launch of the year so far.

bouzebbal1492d ago

next week's spike won't change much, even though VGchartz is not a trusted source. PS4 is just unbeatable.

Eonjay1492d ago


The Madden boost should wear off but Japan will, by itself give them at least 25k. I don't believe it will top the PS4, but it should not go back to pre Madden levels and may just even have a decent shot at 100k. BTW, I am just making an educated guess.

NukaCola1492d ago

When will the post xbone jp launch numbers?

jrshankill1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Yeah, good to see too.

Strange though that there is a bigger jump in PS3 sales than PS4 sales. Any ideas why this may be?

But anyway, 54% increase is good to see on the Xbox One side of things. Competition is good.

MSBAUSTX1492d ago

I think it is because you can play Destiny on it and you can pick up PS3 Bundles around for extremely cheap. Releasing Destiny on Last gen consoles I think was a bit of a mistake because it still didnt give everyone the needed push to buy the newest ones. XB 360 still sold 25k and it along with PS3 should be flat almost by now.

jrshankill1492d ago


Bubbled up! Makes perfect sense.

I can also see Tales of Xillia sold a bucket load last week also.. perhaps this contributed?

Anyway, good to see the jump in console sales across the board. If you look at last weeks sales you will notice the massive jumps.

Ju1492d ago

Destiny isn't part of that week

SilentNegotiator1492d ago

Well, it's not like a US sports game was going to rock the entire world.

feraldrgn1492d ago

Nice to see the Vita going up, even if by a tiny amount.

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The story is too old to be commented.