Atomic Gamer reviews The Incredible Hulk

Jeff Buckland reports:

''Summer marches on and here we are again with another comic book to movie to video game adaptation. This time it's for The Incredible Hulk, a sort of re-imagining with a new star (Fight Club's Edward Norton) and an adjustment to the formula. Unfortunately, adjustment is not really what the last summer Hulk game, Ultimate Destruction, needed. It just needed a better budget and a bit more time.

And that's not what this game seems to have gotten. The Hulk moves slower this year, mostly due to the way he climbs buildings rather than running sideways directly up them, and fighting overall just seems a little more like it's dominated by timing big, slow attacks. Sure, the developers at Edge of Reality have done a passable job in recreating New York City and letting you roam around and choose between at least a couple of missions at a time, but the visuals fall flat after about 30 feet away from the Hulk. From up high, you'll see buildings in the distance rendered as untextured cubes - Sega, the publisher for this game, should have spent some money on a decent game engine and given the developers the resources to make NYC look at least a little better.''

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