This Guy Dressed As A Mortal Kombat Character To Prank People In An Elevator

Witness YouTube user fouseyTUBE. This guy has posted quite a few hidden camera/prank videos, but unlike a lot of other people, he’s really putting his all into it. In his latest video, Fousey dresses up as Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat video game/seminal Christopher Lambert movie to scare people in an elevator.

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Evilsnuggle1496d ago

That was absolutely hilarious. Lol lol lol ;)

3-4-51496d ago

The Squeaky guy at the end!

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rattlesnake_9061496d ago

Man.. You're awesome! Hats off!

Septic1496d ago

Lol this was brilliant.

Omran1496d ago

this guy is hilarious also the prankster vitalyzdtv

NexGen1496d ago

Vitaly is an idiot. This guy is legit.

The other "prankers" on youtube just spew racist nonsense, pretend it's ok or funny since they said "Aww brah, it's a prank brah, why did you hit me? Brah."

Can't stand them, but I do enjoy them getting knocked out for being stupid.

Omran1496d ago

maybe some of his prank was stupid but i enjoy
watching his videos specially disturbing the
the peace videos but hey every one has opinions

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The story is too old to be commented.