Divinity: Original Sin adds two new characters in free DLC

Divinity: Original Sin has just received its first DLC. No, no don't worry, it's free! The Bear and the Burglar adds two new companion characters for a total of four, each with their own quests.

Ranger Bairdotr has a "bow on her back and her claws at the ready", and is searching for a missing druid of the Homeforest, while Wolgraff is a voiceless rogue who was refused by the order of the Source Hunters (the player characters' faction) as a young man.

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Wargrave1545d ago

This is great news. I loved Divinity: Original Sin and Larian were cool enough to not charge for the privilege.

While I look forward to it, I can see Dragon Age: Inquisition having a "pay-wall companion", much like Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2.