Destiny: How to Get Thorn - Exotic Hand Cannon Weapon Guide

Thorn is an Exotic Hand Cannon weapon found in Destiny through the exotic weapon bounty mission line. If you to get a hand on it, you need to complete the Bounty Mission, which I’m not sure to how to get, but if you do your bounty mission daily, you will get it soon, because there is now way to get the certain quest at any time.

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n4rc1494d ago


What exotic bounty? And what daily bounty for that matter?

All I've seen since launch are crap..

6 patrols on *
9000 xp without dying
2 fusion kills, 20 times etc

LAWSON721493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

There are some you get from the postmaster and I think that is what this is referring to

Palitera1493d ago

The PvE bounties are very grindy in their design... No challenge or big reward usually. I've done about 90% of all the bounties already released...

I like the PvP missions though. 5 kills after death, 3 first blood medals, objective based ones... Small stuff, but another incentive for playing something I'd already be doing anyway...


He is talking about exotic bounties.

I have one for a shotgun.

You get them from turning in bounties. there is a higher chance if you do crucible bounties.

Just keep on grinding...

n4rc1493d ago

Cool thanks.. I try to do some of everything.. I even sign in to check bounties daily if I can't play.. Lol.. But I've only just begun PvP and maybe only done 2-3 bounties there..

But the post master has given me gifts.. The other day I got 3 blue engram's out of the blue.. Guess I'll just keep at it

Pinkdolphinyfg1493d ago

Exotic bountys are extremely rare and you get them by turning in bountys and it pops up on random. I have this bounty and I'm stuck on the last part where you have to do a very hard mission on the moon.

mopground1492d ago

getting this hand cannon is an absolute bitch. all knights witches have shields that take 3 shots from a certain type, and runaway and can regen health