The Offspring To Release 6 More Songs For Rock Band

Punk Band The Offspring must really like fake instruments as well as the real deal as they are releaseing six additional tracks for Rock Band "Soon".

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Syko3827d ago

Hell ya, Will buy them all...Hopefully it's older stuff off of Smash and not most of the radio Songs. Even some stuff off of Ixnay on the Hombre would be great. This is great news.

Orange Juice3827d ago

And I'm all for buying these.

Nevers3827d ago

Cuz I've got a BAD HABIT... of BLOWIN' AWAY!!!!!!

Learned to drive to the album SMASH... sure can't say it made me a more patient driver 8D

Nevers3827d ago

I've been waiting for some Offspring and those are some amazing songs... SWEET!!!!!