MWEB GameZone Destiny Review - A legend in the making

"Destiny isn't the game many expected it to be, but that doesn't make a it a bad game."

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plut0nash1545d ago

A neutral review for once.

DesVader1545d ago

Please bring this game to PC :)

gillri1545d ago

Bungie have got their work cut out making it the game we want it to be I wouldnt expect it for a year at least

CongoKyle1545d ago

Nice honest review! Hopefully get my hands on a copy soon!

Sillicur1545d ago

Interesting review. Did not know you could not view the collectable cards in game, very strange indeed, seems silly not to add such a feature in this "epic" game

Einhert1545d ago

I think in time when this game gets a few good patches of content it will be well worth the pickup.

The lack of good narrative hurts it for me though because I need a strong story to carry me through most experiences and grinding is not really that fun.

plut0nash1545d ago

Agreed. Story and narrative are big emotional factors for me too. Too often this is ignored in favour is bigger game content.

CorndogBurglar1545d ago

I've read a lot of your comments in other articles and i have to wonder, do you play MMOs, or have you in the past? Just curious. I'm not trying to be a dick or anything. :)