Horizon is Guerrilla's new PS4 game

The code name is horizon, which is a new PS4 title from Guerrilla. These information has been revealed by a Chinese video game site called A9VG, and more is coming, according to the person who post it.

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Relientk771546d ago

Robotic Dinosaurs


XBLSkull1546d ago Show
reko1546d ago

@xbl aka Alex

Lame attempt at trolling buddy.

FlameHawk1546d ago

@XBLSkull, lmao that stealth trolling. Acting like you have a PS4, yeah right.

bouzebbal1546d ago

@XBLSkull: I dare you if you ever put your hands on any Killzone. Every single one of them is great, except Shadow Fall which is a bit lacky. GG deliver high standard blockbusters and if Horizon is one of their upcoming games then i'm jumping in (lol) cause the game setup seems interesting.

radler1546d ago

Killzone 1 and Shadow Fall were really bad games in my opinion. Killzone 2 & 3 were fantastic, though. I really hope that their next game recaptures some of the magic they had.

bouzebbal1546d ago

@radler: i totally agree. Liberation was also very fun!

Septic1546d ago

Well I'm not a fan of the Killzone games and the less said about Shadow Fall the better but I still think GG have some amazing talent. If only the gameplay matches the visuals, we will be in for a treat. Also, the guys at GG are really nice people.

But Robotic Dinosaurs? How can I not get excited for that. Denver the last Dinosaur. TRANSFORM!

SilentSolid1546d ago

KZ SF muliplayer is awesome tho. Not a fan of the single player.

GTgamer1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Robot dinosouars (•ิ_•ิ) licks lips instensly.

Killzone 2 had one of the best multiplayers of the last generation GG has allot of talent, in the story department not so much but hey the writer of the story for this IP is the falloutNV writer so there's hope for the story and if you don't think that a open world RPG with robot dinosoyrs doesn't sound cool as hell then we can't be friends. I'm just so happy GG is trying something new.

aCasualGamer1546d ago

Damn. Hope this isn't true.

I wanted them to go Naughtydogs route and make more mature stories.

In my opinion, mechanical dinousaurs is as far away from mature as you come.

Hey, at least nothing has been announced yet and it's still only concept art.

ABizzel11546d ago

Love that they're trying something new, but how the H#!! am I suppose to kill giant robot dinosaurs with spears, bow & arrows, and a handgun?

Time to upgrade [email protected]@$$ery from level 100 to 120.


PLASTICA-MAN1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I am liking the deisgn a mix between futuristic and primitve characters and settings.

guitarded771546d ago

All I can say is the internet has been crying out for dinosaurs for a while now. At least someone has been listening. Personally, dinosaurs don't really intrigue me. But I like Guerrilla Games, so I'm hopeful. This should be a big departure from Killzone.

BG115791546d ago

This is exactly what was missing in Titanfall, giant Dinosaur Mechs!!!! Well that plus more players in vs and destructible environments.

I'm curious!

wsoutlaw871546d ago

Killzone sf had great multiplayer. They have continued to make it better too. I think people would prefer a cod like menu for quickly getting into games.

Phene1545d ago

Killzone 2 was the ish. That game still has some of the most jaw dropping graphics for such an old console.

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Magicite1546d ago

haven't played good robot movie...erm I mean game, in a while

killacal131546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I think retarded is the new trend all the kids are trying to get into these days huh? not talking about you by the way, you should play some saturday morning looking games though, they ain't movies that's for sure.

gootimes1546d ago

Yeah, I miss the days when open world RPG's were movies. Actually not, because that never happened.

wsoutlaw871546d ago

Not even sure what you are tring to get at.

Volkama1546d ago

Pffft the last transformers had a robot dinosaur. These ones had better be riding skateboards or something, otherwise nobody will care.

wsoutlaw871546d ago

Lol yep its all about that "innovation" or its too generic

Volkama1545d ago

Ah 29 disagrees, I should never have posted!

Forgive me! I had no idea so many people here were so sensitive about robot dinosaurs on skateboards.

How about robot dinosaurs with clown hats. Would that be ok to suggest?

madjedi1545d ago

Actually the 40 disagrees are probably for making a intentional dumbass statement or the tmnt reference.

And then you double down on the stupid jokes, maybe you can hit 60 disagrees in 10 hrs.

Volkama1545d ago

I didn't even know I'd made a tmnt reference.

In fact it's quite plainly obvious that I'm pointing out another very recent game featured a playable robot dinosaur. Seems relevant to the conversation about this game featuring robot dinosaurs.

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El_Assenso1546d ago

Concept art looks promising. And by the looks of things, its not a 1st person shooter. Well hopefully not!

_FantasmA_1546d ago

You guys are crazy. Killzone Mercenary and Shadowfall were the best. Killzone 2 was garbage and 3 was better but those controls were still garbage.

DreadGara1545d ago

2 was garbage?
Remove that killzone Avatar please.

3-4-51545d ago

Bought an XB1 for now. Loving it, but this is just another awesome Sony Exclusive I'll get to play when I eventually get a PS4 like 2-3 years from now.

* I KNOW PS4 will get good exclusives, as I see the amount I missed by not owning a PS2 or PS3, so I'm excited to play them in the future.

I just love that XB1 controller too much.

This game....the concept seems pretty cool.

thricetold1545d ago

Why bother? The controller isn't going to change in 2 or 3 years, might as well continue to skip PS consoles for a 3rd generation.

Saito1545d ago

That's a pitiful excuse

ShinMaster1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

"I know PS4, PS3 and PS2 have good exclusives.... but I just like this XB controller too much"


q8kik1545d ago

There is a devise called CronusMax, by using it you can play with the DS4 controller on the xb1 and vice versa
You should try it if you like the XB1 controller that much .

3-4-51545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Wait....So I say good things about Both consoles and people hate on me ?

I say good things about PS4 and it's games.....yet I STILL get Disagrees?

* I've owned all the Xbox's

* I use the controller for EVERY game, so it's kind of important to me.

Doesn't mean PS doesn't, Sony is awesome, but to disagree with somebody because they like more than one thing is just showing bias.

So Sony fans want to be the ONLY people allowed to like Sony stuff ?

I don't get it...

How exclusive is this club ?

* I still want to get a PS2/PS3/PS4 at some point, but 2-3 years from now, I'll have a TON of games to choose from that I can't play anywhere else.

I have a PC, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, PsP, Vita.......I'm pretty open minded about games.

I guess you get hate around here for that.

donthate1545d ago


Don't bother. This site is very slanted in one direction, due to behind the scenes event. Just pay attention to the people with massive amount of bubbles. You see them over and over making the same types of comments and getting million agrees.

Just enjoy your system, whatever you choose. Go to reddit. Relatively very friendly folks there as well.

ShinMaster1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

What hate are you talking about?

The responses you got were:
- "The PS controller is not going to change so you might as well continue to skip PS consoles"
- "pitiful excuse"
- "wat"

The reason for that is because you said you were skipping 2 to 3 generations of PS consoles and games just because of 1 controller type.
People are only disagreeing with your reasoning, which they find weak. But that's just opinions all around. The rest of the disagrees are about you considering buying a PS4, and guess what, they're not coming from PS fans.

Another response was more helpful. Telling you that the CronusMax allows you to use the XB1 controller on PS4.

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reaperofsouls1545d ago

ear prick up, eyes widen ,heart beat rises slighly, foot gently taps on the floor, my hype for this games has started

NeoGamer2321545d ago

After Ryse, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Knack, and Killzone Shadowfall....

I reserve judgement until I play the game.

(Although robotic dinosaurs do sound awesome!)

memots1545d ago

Thats the way to do it.

People expectation are way to high for this next gen and that is what is causing these supposed "disappointment" .

Those games are actually good. But since people are going crazy with expectation , No game ever will meet those expectation.

So do yourself a favor and do exactly as you said,

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polymacon1546d ago

The Dino kinda reminds me of the Anime* Zoids.

The Meerkat1546d ago

Why, Why, Why can't we get a good ZOIDS game?

I want a Geno Breaker

JasonXS121546d ago

That's exactly the same vibe I got from those pictures. Looks to be very interesting.

XabiDaChosenOne1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Would not be surprised if that's where GG got their inspiration from, it wouldn't be the first time GG drew from an anime source.
The movie is called Jin Roh

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Majin-vegeta1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Looks like that info that was leaked before is real.Get hyped for ROBOT DINOS!!!!!!!!

RyujiDanma1545d ago

or do not

you playstation fans do not wanna get this game hyped up, just look what happen to watch dogs n destiny

do yourselves a favor n chill

BitbyDeath1546d ago

That dog/wolf man looks awesome.

Caffo011546d ago

Actually he's an old man with a wolf pelt on his head lol