Gamereactor Confirm Secret Crytek project

Gamereactor write: Crytek in Budapest is currently working on Crysis Warhead, as well as another secret project which is not a first-person shooter (Maybe Multiplatform). Crytek is also looking for people who can program the Playstation 3 to a new project in Frankfurt, where Crytek has its headquarters (Maybe PS3 Crytek Project).

They write also: Crytek have stated that they no longer want to make PC-exclusive titles, but few had well have thought that the technological expert jump over to the Sony PSP.. To do so, they actually, for now searching Cryteks Budapest-studio for employees with experience in Sony's handheld console as well as the Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS.

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Jonelo3959d ago

About Crysis Warhead ., from PC gamer

"Chief among gamers complaints was the game's pushing of hardware boundaries, especially its so-called "future proofing" meant to allow its visuals to scale upwared withe the release of future hardware.

Yerli: this feature was included with the best of intentions, but the backlash was intense--gamers wanted to be able to max out Crysis graphics at launch on existing systems. In hindsight, Yerli agrees that the move was a "mistake" and that it would've been wiser to unlock the games highest graphics settings in a patch when better hardware became available

Crysis's high system specs were another bone of contention, and Yerli acknowledges that the launch specs were high. Warhead he promises will rewared those who upgraded to play Crysis. "if you were able to run Crysis, you'll be able to run Warhead better" says yerli.
it will still push the graphics barrier.

Warhead will benefit from a new global ambient lighting system that will boost visual acuity in the games enviro's and models. improvemtnts in the way of lights and shadows interact witht the world enhance small details previously unoticed, and spotlight the games shader effects and include new particle effects that are "dense and intense" says Yerli with no impact on frame rate.
new AI for both humans and aliens with less linear missions

"i think we announced Crysis too early" admits Yerli, who adds that unrealistically high expectations ultimatly hurt the game.

Warhead will ship this year, if Yerli has his way, all Cryteks future games will be announced in mere 3 months before thier release date. "if you have the right product, its never too late"

interview with Cvert Yerli:

q: recently, you've said that crysis was among the most pirated games, how do you know that?

a: Well, we went into the torrent stats and there were charts for this. there was a statistic that there were around 15-20 pirated copies than sold. of course it doesnt mean we would sell 15-20 times more, but at least if piracy was lower, we would double our sales.
overall our sales were good, not excellent but we broke even.

q: what would you say to someone like Brad Wardell, who argues that if you make a good game for the pc, it'll sell well, even if pirated?

a: i dont agree with him, if your pc game pushes the need for upgrading hardware, then the gamer will have to choose, its very easy choice because software you can copy, this is where we got harmed, with warhead, i think it will work differently, i hope this time they will be honest enought to buy the game. "

STEVIE_3959d ago

The more games that they can make using the CRYEngine 2, the better.