Nintendo: Let This Chatterbox Speak Already

A Nintendo Enthusiast Forums writer shares his hangups with Nintendo's lackluster online efforts.
"The online is there, the games are there, the people are there, the equipment that you need is there - but Nintendo isn't, and it's very strange to me."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

I'm going to be "that guy" this time, and state that I find the lack of public room chat to be a blessing in disguise.
For friends-only rooms, sure, chat would be nice.
But I've had enough of having to spend time muting people in public matches in online games.
There are simply too many people that cannot control themselves, that cannot act mature or refrain from cursing like a sailor even when there's no heavy emotions on display.
And in a game like Mario Kart, it's not like I would have time during a race to stop and mute the annoying ones.
Smash even less so.

So my wish is for Nintendo to meet us half-way on the chat thing;
Chat for friend rooms, yes.
Chat in public rooms, Heck no.

The "fun factor"of smack talk in public arenas where you don't know most of the other players, is HIGHLY overrated, and more often than not just ends up being a turnoff.

MSBAUSTX1497d ago

I would like to be on the side of "that guy" this time. I agree with everything you said. Too many morons just spamming the F word and saying how much you suck to make Nintendo games enjoyable if they were allowed to do so durring matches. Friends yes, strangers no.