Initial Reactions: FIFA 15 feels like an arcade game sent from the future

When you release the same, nearly perfect game every 12 months, the distinctions between old and new become slight, bordering on esoteric. But to those of you, like me, who’ve played FIFA ritualistically for the entire 21st century, the small differences can render huge improvements.

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elazz1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I barely play football games but after the Fifa 15 demo on ps4 I'm sold. It just plays wonderful and the looks are a step up with the animations. I hope they just tweak/refine the impact engine so that they can nail the last few percent for the best fifa yet. (Previous one I had was 14 on pc and played a dozen games against my brother who is the Fifa fan)

Thefreeman0121544d ago

I'll buy but I will turn the game speed down... It's very fast, would rather have a better build up play

gamernova1544d ago

Agreed. I ran into some aids with the goal keepers messing up but I'm pretty certain EA will clean up a lot of the glitches (not many of em) by full release. Great demo to what's scheduled to be a great game. Speaking on PC.

MrDreadnought1544d ago

I feel like the new FIFA 15 is a major setback in everyway, it has lost the stability that FIFA 14 had.