Hyrule Warriors receives day-one patch, adds challenge mode

Hyrule Warriors is set to release soon, even so, the game will reportedly receive a day-one patch that adds a significantly tougher challenge mode to the game.

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Serrafina1493d ago

Of course, Japan gets the first patch update.

DesertFoxJr1493d ago

Well, the game is already out in Japan.

Serrafina1493d ago

Yup. Though, it's better now then later. At least, we get more information about what to expect in the future.

jeowulf1493d ago

Damn, wish I had a Wii U for this!

SteamPowered1493d ago

Whats holding you back? Mariokart. Marioworld 3D, Fantastic 101, Donkey Kong...So many good reasons to grab this console.

deafdani1493d ago

Fantastic 101? What is this blasphemy?

It's WONDERFUL, dammit! D:<

SteamPowered1493d ago


Gimme a break man, I commented before I even made it to the coffee pot this morning. ;)

Hendrickson1493d ago

Day one patch and a new game mode. Nice.

Gearfox1493d ago

Why do so many games nowadays get day one patches. Well at least this on adds a new game mode.

Nevers0ft1493d ago

I think it depends. A day one patch for a glaring bug that should have been picked up in testing would be sloppy and unprofessional. A day one patch that adds "desirable" features that they couldn't squeeze in before the game went gold due to time constraints? I'm totally OK with that.

Gearfox1493d ago

I have no problem with them either, the quicker an problem is fixed the better. I was just asking a genuine question.

Nevers0ft1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

In answer to that question... Greed! With the complexity of AAA games nowadays thorough testing would take either many many months or assloads of extra staff. With the advent of patching last gen, publishers (I don't blame developers) decided that large-scale "launch" beta tests and post-release patching was acceptable rather than letting a launch deadline slip.

Sometimes the approach works but all too often AAA titles are broken for months after launch. Take BF4 as a prime example, I'm not even sure it's working correctly even now :/