TalkingAboutGames Review: The Bourne Conspiracy

TalkingAboutGames writes: "It's a pretty good idea, I have to admit. Writing a story about a guy who wakes up an amnesiac and slowly discovers he has all these amazing abilities taps into the male ego nicely. I've had days where I would love to wake up the next morning and discover that I can access secret Swiss bank accounts and that my kung-fu is better than yours.

I've enjoyed the film versions of the Bourne novels. Matt Damon, though still far better looking than you or I, is just 'regular guy' looking enough that he seems believable as a super secret assassin who blends into crowds after stuffing his pistol into a trash can. I haven't read the Robert Ludlum books, so I don't know how he's described there, but Jason Bourne looks pretty good in High Moon Studios, "The Bourne Conspiracy"."

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