PlayStation Unchained 54: Batman: Arkham Knight to be PS4 Exclusive... In One Country

PlayStation Unchained is back again, and host Ben Shillabeer-Hall, Garri Bagdasarov, and Glenn Gordon have lots to say about the past week in PlayStation Gaming.

PS4 has reached a special milestone in the UK, previously one of PlayStation's weaker territories, and Destiny is doing great for its first week, especially for the PS4. Batman: Arkham Knight is going to be a PS4 exclusive. Don't go crazy though, because the vast majority of Xbox One gamers will be completely unaffected.

The Vita is getting some love at TGS (see RDGH this week) but Sony's line of Xperia mobile devices could be poised to kill the handheld's momentum.

There's plenty more than you see here, so follow us on Twitter @PSUnchained, find a comfortable spot, and click play. Tune in next Monday for another great episode.

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morganfell1496d ago

It is only for Japan. All Warner Bros games released in Japan will be exclusive to the PS4.

The problem here is the title of this article and its related podcast are deceptive hitmongering and it is unacceptable. Its despicable. This clown in the podcast actually says, "I hope I tricked some people with that one."

You, your website, and your podcast should be banned and tossed down the same trash chute along with garbage like vgchartz. The public, that is the gaming demographic deserves better. They should be witness to a website that serves gamers rather than their boated ego.

KwietStorm1496d ago

Oh I thought it said UK.

TotallyNotGlenn1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Sorry to have upset you! :(

We really don't have room in the title to list ALL the things we talk about. That's what the description is for, and the description here on N4G and the actual article this links to are both clear that there is much more content in the episode than just the Batman thing. Admittedly, this description is less thorough than the article because when I try to be more complete with the description someone on N4G reports it for being too long. Rather than create an absurdly long title, we name only one (sometimes two) of the more interesting things we talk about in the episode and in this episode that was the Batman bit. It wasn't intended to be deceptive!

Also I'll add that Ben saying he hopes to have tricked some of the listeners with the statement had more to do with the way he delivered it ("Batman: Arkham Knight will be a PS4 exclusive. . . . . . in Japan") and my reaction to it. He was joking, meaning he hoped he made people freak out about it the way I did, lol.

morganfell1496d ago

You didn't upset me so much as you blacklisted yourself from I and my friends ever giving you a click. Ever as in Never Again. I hope it was worth it. In this age of gamergate and the public along with developers beginning to see that the press are really the enemy this is the tact you chose. You could have performed a service to the public but you went for cheap hits instead. I hope it was worth it.

Instead of phrasing the title in an informative manner you defaulted to flamebait. You made your choice now the public gets to make theirs. Do not cry about it and attempt to soothe things over now. Too late. You should have thought of gamers first and foremost but you chose to be selfish. Now we get to make the same choice.

TotallyNotGlenn1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Sorry you feel that way, Morgan, but for the podcast, as I mentioned, there's really no way to make the title "informative." We can only put in there the name of the podcast and what the podcast is about, and we can't list ALL the things it's about, so we can only pick a couple--or simply leave it as "PlayStation Unchained 54," which is flat and uninspiring, and not informative at all. We chose Batman because we thought it would be interesting and eye-catching. Yes, we did hope it would pique a possible listener's interest, but that's literally one of the main purposes of a title. It's not "flamebait" at all, and is specific in saying that it's in one country only, and then we stressed in the description that "the vast majority of Xbox One owners will be completely unaffected." The only information we withheld upfront is that the country in question is Japan. If we wanted to be "flamebait"-y, we would have simply said that it is PS4 exclusive and left listeners to discover the truth somewhere in the episode, but that's not fair or even ethical. This wasn't part of some great scheme to pull the wool over our listeners' eyes. I'm sorry you see it that way, but to us, it was just a title.

You have far more bubbles than I do (I am not a longtime member of N4G), so in conclusion I hope you will eventually see our actual intentions. We have fun making our podcasts and we want people to enjoy them. Between both of our podcasts, we tend to get only a couple thousand hits per week, so it's not like we're here trying to scheme hits out of people. We'd probably have more hits if we were. We like our listeners and want them to keep listening, so we wouldn't intentionally paint ourselves as an untrustworthy source of information. You do have choice, of course. I'm not trying to take that away from you, nor am I trying to "cry" about this. I'm merely trying to let you know where we're coming from. I do, however, hope you'll reconsider your decision sometime in the future, and thanks for giving it a shot anyway. :)

morganfell1496d ago

There are plenty of ways to make it informative without the title being hitmogering and the gloating over the deception as if it were a joke. The public isn't laughing.

There is intention, and then there is the result. The latter often matters more than the former. Particularly in cases where the benefits of the error weigh heavily with the creator rather than the audience.

There is a dearth of decent journalism in gaming these days. If there is one issue which permeates my history on N4G it is that matter and my protestations against "so called" journalists leeching the public for their own ego and self gain. They and their cheap, unsupported grading schemes coupled with tantrum critiques have ruined the vast majority of gaming for the actual consumer. I am not pointing at you with these comments, merely outlining my stance.

As for myself, I am quite upfront about all of my motivations, including the fact I am a huge Sony supporter. I have my reasons whose length and subject preclude my discussing them in this response. The point however is that I am clear from the beginning. Were writers (there are no jounalists in gaming these days) as honest we would have less damage occurring to our hobby. Harm still, but less of it.

So I am skeptical concerning any enterprise which purports to provide news FOR or TO the public as undeniable evidence demonstrates said news is never FOR the public. It isn't even for the purpose of discussing games but rather sordid self promotion and egomaniacal attempts to influence others with worthless opinions. True journalism is practically dead the world over but especially so in gaming.

Actions are the great definer. Despite all of the intentions and proclamations you are as you act. If you purport to be a great source of game news it matters not. Words are indeed cheap. But if you act as a great source with some modicum of integrity then it is that, the action, that is the real proof and the issue of consequence.

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gamer_fantastic1496d ago

Two people who bought xbone in japan must be crying. Lmao.

MrPink20131496d ago

What about Wii U owners, aren't there more of them than PS4 owners?

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1496d ago

The Wii U doesn't even get 3rd party games anyways, so that doesn't make since at all.

OT-Almost every multiplat game is PS4 exclusive in Japan. That's weird. Not a bug deal anyways because Japan won't buy those games.

TotallyNotGlenn1496d ago

PrinceOfAllSaiyans reminds me. Watch_Dogs got a release date on Wii U! :D

demonddel1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Let's see if the gaming community gonna go crazy over this if true like they did with the Tomb Raider thing or because it's that company I guess it will be OK please spin this for me