New WWE 2K15 Footage Shows More Realistic Gameplay

Video was captured at a convention last week showing gameplay of WWE 2K15. The video shows much more realistic gameplay that previous generations and uses transitions and camera angles from the TV broadcast to look more like the show. The video shows a match between John Cena and Randy Orton with finishers and signature moves galore.

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theXtReMe12407d ago

Looking good. Paced very much like a WWE match. Cant wait!

Thrillho2406d ago Show
tekksin2406d ago

super cena kicks out again. freakin bs, it's way too real.

trickman8882406d ago

Recording in PORTRAIT? Come the **** on.

Bigkurz852406d ago

Someone smuggles a phone into a closed event and records footage you otherwise wouldn't see...and you react like this. Ridiculous. Entitled jerk.

You do realize they weren't supposed to record don't you? Probably had to be pretty discreet.

optimus2404d ago

Why are you so defensive? Were you the one recording it??...hilarious,...even if what you claim is true, which i doubt seeing as how they are holding the camera way above eye level. In a CONVENTION. They could actually be more discreet by putting it in landscape and holding it in their hand with just the camera lens exposed...face it, they just weren't thinking....and neither were you.

Bigkurz852404d ago

nah it wasn't me. just like to point out when people like you are being an ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.