Why Destiny, Watch Dogs, and Titanfall Couldn’t Live Up to Everyone’s Unrealistic Expectations

Twinfinite: Thus far, 2014 has seen some amazingly large releases. Over time, publishers have allocated more and more resources to the marketing and advertisements of their next “huge” games. There’s little question that the hobby of “gaming” is expanding; more people and more different kinds of people are playing more video games. With an ever-increasing fan base, it only makes sense that publishers are taking their marketing interests to new, more ambitious heights. 2014 alone has found some support in this assertion by way of such blockbuster titles as Titanfall, Watch Dogs, and Destiny.

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Foehammer1494d ago

If expectations were for sales then they all achieved their mission.

Review score wise it looks like TF did best.

TF currently sits at the top of the FPS sales for 2014 thus far.

kratoz12091494d ago

Its because they lie to there consumer about the actual product,
Watchdogs every e3 looked worse, destiny quote "all this that your seeing right now is exploreble"

jdaboss1494d ago

They may have reached their sales goals for this go around however these games were meant to to have sequels (in the developers/publishers eyes at least). Theyve basically guaranteed that these sequels will have half the sales due to the originals being so basic and uninspiring.

breakpad1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

because the first two games, Ttanfall and Destiny are just plain copies of COD mechanics/shooting which by the way are completely garbage boring and cheap made...the same gameplay they will get buying a COD ,the same got now (this shows COD games and their clones are completely garbage)....the second one Watch Dogs shows that neither Ubi can develop a decent game without the proper hyping (has managed to have some response with the Assasin Creed but because every time changes the scenery. Now that people see how shallow the mechanics of such game are understanding how much failed their products are (watch dogs is nothing else than a contemporary Assasin creed with different cover)

theXtReMe11494d ago

I had no expectations for Destiny, only watched a few videos and didnt read a thing... Yet, it still let me down. Just average across the board. Proof that visuals alone cannot make a game.

Watchdogs, I was all over the info, but had average expectations and felt it couldve been better but wasnt as bad as those who had ridiculous expectations for it... made it out to be.

Titanfall, I didnt play, but imagine it fell into the same category as Destiny. Fat on looks, skinny on gameplay.

It is proof positive that no matter how great you make a title look and how much hype you give it, it will always comes down to one factor for any gamer: Am I having fun and does it last throughout?

MysticStrummer1494d ago

Because everyone's unrealistic expectations were unrealistic.

Codewow1494d ago

My expectations were a new kind of FPS game. So I guess that could mean my expectations were a bit too high?

Einhert1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I was not bothered with any of these games, I made the mistake of buying Titanfall because friends were getting it but I spent maybe 4 days on it....

The real games I am looking forward to are

- Shadow of Mordor
- Dragon Age: Inquisition
- Warlords of Dreanor
- Alien Isolation (still a big ? over this one after CM)
- The Evil Within
- Civilisation: Beyond Earth
- Pokemon Omega Ruby

They all sell themselves based on showing pure gameplay so you can see they have promise.


I was unaware of that, it looked great when a particular youtuber played through it. and what were the criticisms?

Ducky1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Didn't The Evil Within get a poor response in previews, or did something change?

I remember some articles around PAX east saying the game wasn't scary... and it being too clunky/robotic.
The former is subjective and the latter might be a good thing. Either case, it kinda fell off my radar since then.

Gemmol1494d ago

only one nintendo game you want? they got some really good games coming

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