This May Be The Easiest Way To Earn Gear in Destiny

While working on a late mission on Venus, [PowerLeveled] ran into one of the easiest ways to grind out gear in Destiny, and as gear does not drop based on the level of your opposition, but rather your actual level and a bit of luck, you can use this trick just as easily as [PowerLeveled has].

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Stevefantisy2469d ago

Nice can't wait to try this when I get home.

JoeIsMad2469d ago

After this run was over, you could see the carnage if you came by from anywhere else in the area. The ground was littered with orbs of light, shining up the area like a small sun.

Fireseed2469d ago

Yeah but from what I understand this is a semi rare occurrence. I was doing a bit of farming myself in this are and only after about 40 minutes did the waves change to consist of the MASSIVE Vex force that contains the Harpies and Ginats.

dumahim2469d ago

Fireseed, you're right. I was farming this place a couple times and twice after quite a long while, I saw a message show up saying something about "the enemy has moved against the other." The normal mobs start vanishing and then all hell breaks loose and the big guns come out from both the Vex and Fallen. It lasts a while and if you try to take it on yourself, you'll probably die a time or two. It's chaos.

I've noticed the Vex seem to have a much higher drop rate. I'm guessing they will fix that.

Aceman182468d ago

Right now I have legendary helmet, and chest armor to go along with a handgun, sniper rifle, and pulse rifle.

Legendary isn't easy to come by and even when they say you've picked up a legendary orb it's no guarantee that you'll get a legendary.

I picked up 5 such orbs and only got one lol.

buttclown2468d ago

I have picked up like 10 legendary orbs and only got 1 legendary from them and it wasn't even for my class lol.

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Gravity_DoGG2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

lv.20 standing still and keep pressing melee button. yeah gameplay really changes after level 15 - 20 smh

Rimeskeem2469d ago

There's this thing called grinding

Gravity_DoGG2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

grinding at lv.1 or lv.20 still the same.

keep throwing light balls at the never ending monsters spawning from the same place and out of nowhere!

Edit: Damn I'm making a lot of enemies on here by stating the obvious facts. but it's ok. I know I'm right so I forgive you xD lol.

Rimeskeem2469d ago

Your opinion is not a fact

Just saying

CuddlyREDRUM2468d ago

Seems more like an exploit than grinding.

CorndogBurglar2469d ago

Clearly the biggest problem here is that you seem to think that people claimed the GAMEPLAY would change. Thats never going to change, my man. Its a firat person shooter. The gameplay isn't suddenly going to change.

What changes are the things you can do. But you'll never know because you aren't giving it a chance.

Gravity_DoGG2469d ago

It's cool. All I say is its the same no matter if your lv.1 or lv.20. people stated the game began after lv.20. but it's the same grind. no?!

I gave it a chance. sold it again. check my trophies if playstation. psn id: Lolfarvel

ShinMaster2468d ago

Did you try to say "frat" person shooter or "first" person shooter?

cr33ping_death2469d ago

Its a shared world. They respawn after you kill them so the next players that come by can take a shot. All these people complaining about the respawning enemies never thought about that? And thats how this enemy spawns... out of thin air, have we never seen that happen before in comics, tv, movies etc... youre just one of people hating on the game for the f' of it.

Gravity_DoGG2469d ago

But they keep spawning the same place for several minutes sometimes! instant! instant shooting throwing magic at that spot is gameplay? cool bro.

this game doesn't offer anything new really. It just put a lot of things together and its cool. But they made nothing new by themselves.

The hover bikes? star wars
Ghost? A freaking Navi
Game is borderlands without the awesome cartoonist art style and weapons.

ya I'm just one of those people hating b/c I can. NO I played it and got disappointed like many others who played it and reviewEd it!

cr33ping_death2469d ago

Well if your going to call everything in the game a rehashed idea... then welcome to gaming buddy. I can almost guarantee you everyone of your precious beloved games has a rehashed idea taken from a previous game. Get off your high horse and quit trolling Destiny stories it only makes you look childish. As you used your last bubble ill bid thee ado... bro.

--Onilink--2468d ago

so you are going to take one very specific spot out of the entire game where this kind of thing happens, as the same thing as the entire +20 game? (that will undoubtely be patched)

Sounds fair...

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Jacktrauma2469d ago

Very nice. The loot system is really the only gripe I have about the game so far. Seems like after grinding for like an hour for whatever I really only walk away with maybe two greens

iceman062469d ago

Gotta choose the right places. There are several good grind spots on Earth and the Moon. The drops seem to scale pretty well with your level. In less than 40 minutes in the Forgotten Shores area I was able to get 2 blue drops (Sniper Rifle and Strange Coin) and about 6 or 7 greens that included various weapons and armor (about equal to what I already had). These were from a combo of hidden loot chests (the brown, double drop ones) and enemy kills. The moon has a mission that you can get several drops and a good amount of money (about 6000+ glimmer) in about 40 minutes. However, you just can't finish the mission. Just get toward the end and then die before reaching the final vault door. (can't remember the name of the mission!) You'll restart in the same area and it will be populated by enemies once again. Repeat that until you have enough.

Aceman182468d ago

Actually for me once I hit lvl 20 I get constant drops of green and blue orbs. Thank god I do because trying to lvl up legendary gear isn't easy lol.

Gotta break down those blues and greens to get what's needed lol.

--Onilink--2468d ago

im not sure what level you are right now, but once you hit 20, you will be constantly getting loot all over the place, even rare loots are somewhat common

geddesmond2469d ago

Once you start getting blue gear ,green gear just feels like white gear which equals trash. Check my comment history. I said the game wasn't great that it had a load of problems but guess what, bungie was right after putting enough time into the game it gets way way better.

It's now 3 in the morning my time and I just finished a 7 hour session of destiny. I haven't played a video game into the early hours of the morning for a few years now until Destiny and I haven't played a non RPG game for hours on end in years too.

Guys as one gamer to another. Give the game a chance to shine.

iceman062469d ago

This is what people are missing or just don't get (or like) about this game. It's the classical MMO structure with first person mechanics. Thus, it gets better and more challenging the higher level you get. Different aspects of the game open up. Which means there are different opportunities to take on. That being said, if you don't like the mechanics tied to the game (the MMO structure), then you probably won't grow to like the game much more. Personally, I enjoy the shooting mechanics and especially the co-op nature of the game.

Aceman182468d ago

Dude you ain't lying me and a friend put in 15 hrs straight this past Saturday from 7:30 am to 10-11 pm lol.

Soldierone2469d ago

What I hate is that there are not standards in Crucible. I got 8k points on a team that totally sucked, next guy in line was about 2k points. I saw the third guy on my team get a level 20 exotic weapon.... I got NOTHING!

I know it's all random, but that was totally a low blow to moral haha

Aceman182468d ago

Haha I know how you feel it was happening to me all weekend I had to be salty with my friends playing hahaha.

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