Hellblade Won’t Have Multiplayer Or An Open World, Ninja Theory Say

Despite Hellblade being incredibly ambitious, a multiplayer mode and an open world won't be featured in the game, Ninja Theory say

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Enemy1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Ninja Theory are known for their storytelling and combat. Considering the kind of game this is, which is clearly a character driven action adventure, multiplayer would seem completely out of place, and having an open world would not benefit the game.

Better immersion > forced open world.

Forbidden_Darkness1546d ago

Exactly and in fact I'm pretty sick and tired of all these games going open world anyways. I do enjoy more focused linear driven games too.

medman1545d ago

I enjoy both linear and open would be pretty boring if we didn't get the variety both types of games bring. I enjoy The Last of Us or Uncharted every bit as much as I do a GTA title...why choose just one type?

Forbidden_Darkness1545d ago

@medman: I didn't mean I didn't enjoy open world games, I just don't want so many to go open world, which it feels like it has been more so than ever.

geddesmond1546d ago

An open world story driven combat game would be brilliant, don't deny it. But when I say open world I mean more open areas to explore than just one whole map. Darksiders for instance.

I'm still gonna get the game regardless because the art style and Celtic theme is a win win for me.

Tetsdah1546d ago

That kind of style of game isn't bad, but it's nice to have both linear games and open world games. Linear games have advantages and disadvantages over Open world ones, and vice-versa. I'm personally glad to hear it's not gonna be open world.

morganfell1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Celtic themed? Those are not Celtic Runes they are Norse Runes. Though the Vikings did invade and live in the land of the Celts and there is much cross culturalism that occurred because of this.

If we look at the original trailer there are actually a few clues. The video commences with a paraphrase from Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil. Depending on the translator, the full quote is, "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."

The standing stones around the central character are literally covered in Norse Runes. Line after line. Such stones are normally associated with ceremonial traditions and practices in Asatru.

The circle on which she kneels is the symbol known as
Vegvisir - The Compass, and is intended to help one find their way in rough weather meaning trying times rather than literal conditions.

From what I can see on the blade it spells HEL SWERD (HEL SWERT) which is close to Futhark Norse and only off by one rune to spell Hell Sword.

The gold buckle appears to have a serpent on it and if so can only be Jormungand.

The person strung up in front of her appears to have been executed/sacrificed using the Viking technique known as the Blood Eagle.

The ring on her left handle middle finger has Norse Runes but I cannot make them out for a translation.

When the words Hellblade appear at the end it overlies the Norse symbol of Vegvisir.

geddesmond1545d ago


Oh god, you definitely haven't watched the dev diarys. Its set in Celtic times on celtic land when Vikings were invading.

Senua was a Celtic goddess of water and healing that was only discovered recently. The characters name is Senua. You fight Vikings, the enemies are twisted evil looking vikings and it also has celtic mythology creatures. A dev diary even discusses the team going to a viking museum to get inspiration for the various artifacts in the game.

Next time you try show up someone make sure you have all the facts first.

morganfell1545d ago

My my, rude aren't we. And no I have not watched all of the diaries. I did however try to provide factual information, none of which is changed by your comments. Those truths remain. I did however avoid acting like a 5 year old.

geddesmond1545d ago

I thought your comment was very rude to especially when I was saying what the developers said the game was.

morganfell1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I asked a question. "Celtic theme?" Right off the bat I asked a question and then couched the question with a statement. Coaching in this instance is stating there was nothing in the trailer Celtic themed but rather Norse themed. The question still stands.How is that rude?

Instead of replying, "The Celtic theme exists in the actual setting of the story. You may not be aware but the dev diaries have stated that the setting is actually..." That would be the mature manner.

You should look at your own post history (I have) and see if there was ever a similar instance where you were the opne less informed. What would have you thought if instead of information you were treated to a snotty reply. It has happened and will happen again. It is the nature of fallibility.

geddesmond1545d ago

This is the internet. Celtic themed? usually means what the fuck are you talking about celtic themed especially when its followed by a lot of information that suggests its Norse themed. Remember this.

Those are not Celtic Runes they are norse ruins. Well there is ruins that look very much like the celtic ruins stonehenge in that trailer and the wicker enemy has a pendant with celtic design. The internet is full of trolls. I though you were one.

morganfell1544d ago

Saying "looks like" is incorrect in this situation since those runes actually are Norse runes and actually spell words in Futhark Norse. It's like saying those look like English letters when they are Russian letters and they actually spell real words in Russian.

The stone arrangment though is not similar to Stonehenge. Also remember that Stonehenge is in southern England and not likely a structure built by the Celts.

Vegvisir is unmistakeable. That isn't a Celtic emblem, it is a Norse emblem. As someone that has both Celtic and Norse heritage - (thanks for raiding Ireland and then staying and taking a wife Vikings), I know my heritage :)

So the entire setting in the trailer is a compendium of Norse symbology. But now that I am aware of introduction of Senua, this game which fascinated me before now has me completely enhtralled.

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killacal131545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

This [email protected] man got it right, you don't tell a story beggining at the end do you? It has to start at some point and end where it is supposed to end, more precise story telling could be what we all clamor for later down the line, it is entirely up to the developers perspective on how they want us to approach another world.

Godmars2901546d ago

Would never imagine NT ever considering an open world game.

Riderz13371546d ago

Not to mention the fact that 12 people are making this game...That would be a huge undertaking.

jay21546d ago

Great news, with such a small game i'd rather my SP would be good, I find most MP sh*t and too many resouces are used on MP these days, good story, small, focused team, good studio there.

XtraTrstrL1546d ago

I love action games with mythology backgrounds, especially Greek, but Norse is cool too.

Haru1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Sounds awesome and I bet it will look awesome too since it's using UE4 also I'm glad it has no multiplayer I never play online anyways

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