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GR: I hate the name. Destiny implies that your glory and conquest lay inside, clutching a controller, hopelessly glued to a television where shooting at faceless, oddly named enemies brings about a weird sensation. Let's consider the gamut of shooters out there and think about Destiny's real compensation to the medium before looking at the score. I'll play the game for the rest of the day if it means you can hold off from the bottom of this page long enough to get through what is likely to be a long review based on all the worlds you'll visit in Bungie's big new blockbuster video game.

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insertcoin1497d ago

Not as populated as the beta was, but I'm still enjoying myself punching (and sniping) things in the head.

joab7771497d ago

It's sad the effect so many reviews 1 or 2 days after launch may have had on ppl that didn't even get past level 10.

But as time as moved forward and reviewers have capped and played endgame content, the scores have gone up.

And i would love to see another review 6 months and a yr from now.

MysticStrummer1497d ago

Bungie did say that the early reviews wouldn't tell the whole story.

dbjj120881497d ago

I'm looking forward to more, though I hope more players jump in to campaign missions especially in the early running since they're the easiest way to level up.

CorndogBurglar1497d ago

Completing Bounties will level you up real quick...

Jeff2571497d ago

Also will help level up weapons and armor faster if you have some equipped that need the XP when you turn them in. On topic Destiny is an absolute blast to play. I love that I can go off on my own and do what I want. Or I can join up with some of my clan mates and take on other challenges. I am looking forward to seeing how Bungie continues to support this and the upcoming events they have planned. Activision invested 500 million in Bungie's 10 year plan for this and they have already made that money back. So hopefully Bungie can indeed fulfill the plan they laid out when they first started this game.

knifefight1497d ago

Sometimes when I look down my sniper scope, I see enemies panic and start reacting. It's like, how do they know? Does this happen to anyone else?

TekKing1497d ago

When you aim with your Sniper Rifle other players can see a red glow from across the map.

Not sure if the light gets hidden if you're invisible though.

joab7771497d ago

The AI is awesome, especially at higher levels and w more ppl. Bungie has almost perfected fps combat.

And yeah, it's cool.

Wedge191497d ago

I am loving this. Great review, and I'm glad you took the time to truly give it its due.

mrmonk1497d ago

Well I am at level 19 at the minute titan class and I'm loving the game just got my code today for the 2 dlc packs coming out think im addicted lol

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