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John Wyma, GIZORAMA - "Regardless of when you were born and what you grew up playing, chances are you agree with me when I say graphics in videogames have come a long way. From being able to count the number of pixels comprising our favorite Italian plumber, to seeing individual bullets feed into a machine gun with gritty detail, the artistic style of our favorite games has made a steady climb towards realism. With each successive generation of consoles we see a boost in visual accuracy, but have you ever felt that such an aesthetic focus may draw away from the quality of the actual gameplay? At what point does a videogame simply become a movie with limited player participation, because so much time was spent on graphics and not on content? My suggestion here is that sometimes you just have to dress down to really deliver (this in no way applies to the pizza guy, please don’t show up without pants), and that’s exactly Human Head Studios tried to do with Minimum."

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