Mortal Kombat 1/2/Ultimate 3 Recreated In GZDoom, New Beta Version & Video Released

Alongside his amazing Donkey Kong Country mod for GZDoom, DooMero has also shared a new video from his Mortal Kombat Compilation mod for GZDoom.

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DoomeDx1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

This guy is making mods that are beyond useless :/ Its cool that it is all possible but damn..Whats the point if you can play these the original games for nothing right now?

garos821497d ago

yeah but can you get shang tsung to transform into a demon from doom and finish the opponent? i dont think so.

Love these mish mashes of genres.

Tzuno1497d ago

Lol just look at mortal kombat 2 fatality to see the beauty of this mod :))) it took me by surprise.

spicelicka1497d ago

I love the sound of the OG mortal kombat games. They need to add those back, even as a bonus feature, the old announcer has the most epic voice ever! Round onee....FIGHT!