Watch_Dogs, Titanfall, and Destiny’s Failures Prove That Stories in Video Games Matter

"For a whole year my desktop’s wallpaper has been the Traveller from Destiny. Aside from it just being pretty to look at, it made me look forward to enter a new world by Bungie. I mean we’re talking about the same guys who did Halo, which alone managed to come packed with its own lore and universe. But today my desktop wallpaper has been changed to Shadow of The Colossus which is still pretty to look at and made me look forward to playing it again."

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nicksetzer11493d ago

Yea, two of the best selling new IP ever (watch dogs, destiny) and the number one selling xbox one game. Absolute disasters....

shloobmm31493d ago

I agree, none of those games are failures.

loulou1493d ago

a hit leech ripped straight from a neogef thread

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PONTIAC08G8GT1493d ago

Maybe I am the only one, but I don't care that TF had no single player and the MP story wasn't good. I play TF to play MP and battle it out, not worry about a single player story. I played Watch Dogs for about an hour and had more fun just driving around and messing around.

If your game is truly a single player game, a good story goes a long way. CoD and BF have gone years without a good story because the basis of their games is multiplayer. And last I checked, those games sell extremely well.

mikeslemonade1493d ago

-_- it's not just the story!

These games are mediocre in many areas!

Bodge1493d ago

Yeah they sold well, but that doesn't make them better games.

JAT1493d ago

Yeah ... some games don't need a great story.

Example Diablo3 ... why even try?

Destiny doesn't need a good story, it's a coop-loot based game.
All it needs is a great premise that unfolds slowly ...

What it needs is CONSTANT updates to keep it fresh.

WatchDogs however, is a story based open-world game.
It needed one ... BAD

Eddie201011493d ago

Still selling well and being played a lot, doesn't necessarily mean they are bad games.

guyman1493d ago

Sheep buy into hype. Just because a game sold well, does not at all mean the game is any good.

hulk_bash19871493d ago

Right but just because a game didn't live up to the hype built around it, it doesn't make it a failure or a bad game either.

D3TH_D33LR1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

By that logic I'm guessing Kim Kardashians got one hell of an amazing game then huh? Success does not equal a great game. But you are definitely right, they are not failures to the publisher by any means. But I ask, how many of your friends are still playing Titanfall? If anything these games are indicators of how much hype goes into marketing these games and how many people bought into them because it. I am now not holding my breath for the Division or any game for that matter. The past 5 years have been pretty bad for hype vs expectations vs actual gameplay. Been that way since Dead Island for me (great game IMO but not what I was expecting)

Roman3mPiRe861493d ago

That's why I would recommend renting the game first for at least a few days and then make a decision whether it's u r type of game or not.

Letthewookiewin1493d ago

The story is horrible in Minecraft, what a failure!

gunnerforlife1493d ago

Yeah true, and yet they wouldn't get in majority of gamers top 100 let alone 50. There's a reason why TLOU was a success, story matters within a fame, no matter how awesome the MP is.

Austin481493d ago

agreed story does matter.

mamotte1493d ago

Obviously. Just look to Wii Sports.

700p1493d ago

Yeah none of these games failed. They all sold great and many people like them.

ChronoJoe1493d ago

I think we should also bear in mind that last gen, early on we experienced titles like Assasins Creed which garnered similar 'average' critical ratings (between 70 and 80 on metacritic). Look at that franchise now, it's easy to see how a large studio can turn a good, but flawed game into something with more universal appeal.

starchild1493d ago

The gaming community is neurotic. Over and over I hear that gameplay is what really matters, but as soon as a game isn't a narrative driven game it is suddenly deemed to be "soulless" and, by extension, "crap".

Personally I like a good narrative in games. I also like good atmosphere and visuals. To me these things are a very enjoyable part of videogames. But that doesn't mean that every game has to excel in all of these areas.

There are great games that don't have the best graphics...actually there are some great games with horrible graphics. There are other great games that have almost no narrative or a very bare-bones narrative yet are very fun to play (Demon's Souls might be an example). There are even games like Dear Esther that have almost no gameplay to speak of, yet are still engaging and enjoyable thanks to their storytelling and atmosphere.

The point is, games can be many things. They don't all have to have all of the same ingredients in exactly the same proportions.

otherZinc1493d ago

I'll never buy another game that doesn't have a single player focus again.

TitanFall was the last & I won't buy TitanFall 2 if they pull the same s**t. And for Destiny, no splitscreen co-op.

That's why I like Halo & Gears. The games are great and can be played by yourself & Campaign
Co-op via Splitscreen.

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Cuthbo1493d ago ShowReplies(1)
Hammtweezy2192 1493d ago

For me, the stories get me into the game and keep me involved in it. I enjoy good stories and think that there just needs to be more depth to most of them (Watch Dogs, Ryse, Titan fall, COD, BF4, Etc...) All of the previously listed left me wanting more depth to the story in order to really pull me in. Destiny I don't know about yet as I just started it. I still think they are ok games and fun to play but the winning combo I think comes down to, as stated above GREAT GAMEPLAY and a deep story. JMO.

smolinsk1493d ago

More of what The Last Of Us did please:)

OpieWinston1493d ago

More of what Gears did.

Decent story
Amazing Gameplay
Strong Co-op/Competitive experience for hours of replay value (Beast Mode/Horde Mode/Multiplayer/Co-op Campaign)

I like The Last of Us but it had weak replay value. So no thanks, I want more replay value less "Shock value".

ChronoJoe1493d ago

No thankyou, not another terrible Gears of War plot. The co-op is nice though, I do like games that offer the 'whole package' so to speak.

Gears has a rather dry storyline, The Last of Us has no co-op. TLoU could perhaps benefit from some co-operative play for factions, and Gears could benefit from some more capable writing, although it's premise itself is a little generic so it's hard to escape rather natural pitfalls.

Outthink_The_Room1493d ago

I love how people talk about TLOU like they didn't break up gameplay constantly with cut-scenes and long drawn out linear tasks.

TLOU had great performance capture, which was achieved with pre-rendered cutscenes. Linear hand-holding structure doesn't leave much gameplay since everything has to be tightly defined.

Saying the TLOU should be the symbol of the gaming world is the absolute worst thing we could have.

All companies going forward will achieve better performance capture. Tech will advance where even smaller devs can have film quality capture.

Take away the pre-rendered cut-scenes and tell me if the characters are as believable. Joel was believable because of performance capture, not because of some average script.

Tech triumphed in TLOU, not the story telling method.

gamernova1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I liked watch dogs and Titan fall. Destiny is an fps and I would think that just like cod, you don't get an fps for a story. You get it for competitive gaming. Watch dogs wasn't great but it was interesting. Titanfall is a lot of fun too. People spend more time talking crap than actually gaming nowadays.

D3TH_D33LR1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

"You don't get an fps for story. You get it for competitive gaming"

Nope, I'd have to strongly disagree with you there.

You may not get a CoD FPS for story, as most people buy it for the competitive multiplayer, but there's nothing competitive about the incredible Half Life series. What about the story heavy, single player only, survival horror FPS Metro series that's getting 9s and 8s even before the Redux edition and has zero multiplayer beyond a level with a leaderboard for completion time. What about the newest Wolfenstein? What about S.T.A.L.K.E.R.? Bioshock? Dishonored? Thief? Far Cry? Crysis (I name the last two because hardly anyone buys those for multiplayer)

Don't get me wrong, there's definitely a demand for competitive fps games like COD/Halo/ CounterStrike but there's still a hell of a lot of people buying their games based on story alone too and as for myself if the story isn't good and the gameplay is only average ill end up passing on it cuz there's so many better games out there. However, I'll finish a mediocre game if the story can pull me in, like Spec Ops: The Line or metro 2033 for 360. (ughhh redux is soooo much better *pc can't handle it*) On that note though... Where the hell is half life 3 already...

gamernova1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Yeah, you're right but I was talking about multiplayer fps games since you know, that is what this article is talking about (minus watch dogs). Man, we are all waiting for it. Valve can't count to three though. Ugh!
But yeah, I should have been more specific. Sorry about that.

That list brought back a lot of good memories. The bioshock trilogy was so good! Especially if you play the episode dlc on bioshock and you see the elizabeth story that takes place before the original bioshock. Pure awesomeness.

pwnsause_returns1493d ago

thats like saying that I want Half-Life 3 just to crow bar the hell of people in Deathmatch...

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