Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Upgrades Detailed

Hardcore Gamer: Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs has earned itself the obligatory new-gen remaster with Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, but a recent thread on the official Sleeping Dogs forum reveals that the graphical and technical improvements could be big enough to warrant a re-purchase

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Tzuno2565d ago Show
Clown_Syndr0me2565d ago

Whaaaaat? How did I miss this!? I love Sleeping Dogs and this is the first Ive heard!

SP4CE_C4PT4IN2565d ago

It got caught up in the re-master hype of The Last of Us. I hadn't played either on last gen, so I'll definitely be checking them both out!

Army_of_Darkness2558d ago

Tomb raider & the last of us remastered editions were fantastic on the ps4 (1080p /60fps upgrades) made the games look and play even better than the previous gen versions so if sleeping dogs end up getting the same full treatment, then I'll definitely buy it too since I haven't played it yet.

theshredded2565d ago

Sleeping Dogs was a big surprise,I'm still playing it on my ps3

Clunkyd2565d ago

Yeah, the combat was really impressive in this game.

Ken852565d ago

Waiting for gameplay.....

placiid2565d ago

im pretty sure it's going to look just like the pc version with the texture pack which looks amazing.

gamegenieny2565d ago

Yep pretty much this. I've been running it on ultra for a while now, so i'll be skipping this "definitive edition". Love the game, but don't think it'll be any better than whats on PC already.

mydyingparadiselost2565d ago

Love that avatar, TBF are amazing!
OT: I haven't played the original release so I'm really hyped about this remaster. I've heard good things about the original version and it's hard to screw up remaster (but not impossible.... Damn you Silent Hill....).

ABizzel12565d ago

Possible, although for how fast its coming out I'd expect 1080p 30fps locked XBO, and 1080p 30fps unlocked PS4 (averaging 45fps).

Also because of this:

"Hopefully Sleeping Dogs: DE will be better than Tomb Raider: DE, although it wasn't bad either."

"UFG was involved in both so I reckon you can expect the same quality of DE as a very minimum. As to which is better, that'll be down to everyone's opinion, though given that we're on the Sleeping Dogs boards here...well you know ;)"

And this:

XBO is currently performing at HD 7770 levels, PS4 at HD +7790- give of take.

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The story is too old to be commented.