Destiny Update 1.03 Released

GotGame: "Bungie has just released a 296 MB update for Destiny, and it’s available starting now on PlayStation 4. As of now, we don’t really know what the update contains, but it will surely improve the game overall."

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oneluckybullet1495d ago

Too small of an update to add a story.

SnotyTheRocket1494d ago

Okay, so when Dark Souls barely has any story, unless you go digging around for it, it's okay. But when Destiny does the exact same thing (Grimoire), it's a shitty game? Logic.

LAWSON721494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Dark Souls does not need a story it got unraveling lure (told by the environment, equipment, and dialogue) in a cool world with fantastic atmosphere. Destiny captures nothing even close to Dark Souls. Don't insult a game you don't play it makes you look like an idiot.

Also grimoire has to be read on the internet while DkS has all of the details in the game, nor is it near as impressive

PONTIAC08G8GT1494d ago

Personally I don't care if a game has a great story as long as it has other things to keep me interested, such as great multiplayer, great game play, excellent characters, something like that. Titanfall has no single player and a bad story, but the gameplay is a lot of fun. BF has terrible story, but MP is fun (when it works). Dark Souls, I dont even know what the story was in that game or Demon Souls, but the gameplay was addictive. Unfortunately, for me, Destiny feels empty and unexciting and the gameplay isn't all that great.

Nekroo911494d ago

LAWSON what about Skyrim?! Awfull story, animations, bad voice acting but it was gorgeous so 10/10.

Destiny brings something new to the table , its a different mix of genres so you cant compare it to another game alone, But bad reviewers dont understand that

Dontworrybhappy1494d ago

Don't pay attention to the dumb assess. The only people that are disappointed are the ones who over hyped the game. These people that over hype shit need to stop and see it as it is. Its a videogame, not the answer to the universe'. Enjoy the damn thing instead of being another half ass critic.

BeardedPriest1494d ago

Both games have very good lore. Ordinary players can't appreciate it because its not robot cars exploding.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1494d ago

Dont you guys Worry..... Halo and COD will get 10 out of 10 for its copy and paste.. while Destiny gave you open world, Loot and Great Multiplayer plus Customization to get 5/10 lol rigged system

cell9891493d ago

the one thing I hold against Destiny is the fact that you have to visit their website to get the full experience, I have yet to understand why wasnt everything just included in the game. Can someone please explain me why was this a wise decision?

Dirkster_Dude1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Dark Souls didn't pretend to be or was marketed as anything other than what people expected of the game. In other words the majority of people felt Destiny was oversold by the developer or publisher. Also anything you want to know about Dark Souls you can find in-game whereas Destiny makes you hunt for codes to unlock information on a website as 1 example of stupidity. If I'm playing the game the 1 thing I don't want to do is take myself out of it and look something up on a website. Talk about crappy immersion.

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BABY-JEDI1494d ago

I think you mean to say that the story could have been conveyed/presented better.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1494d ago

Hopefully some MP improvements

Cra2yey31494d ago

Most likely for the raid opening up. Played today and didn't notice anything different.

Perjoss1494d ago

Stability improved loads for me once I stopped using wifi and just plugged in a LAN cable. I do have a crappy and very old router though.

grahf1494d ago

Oh I noticed a huge difference... There was a giant red ball in the Tower! Progress.

mogwaii1494d ago

please please please let this be a stability update, so many people have been getting kicked out of sessions with "centerpide" or"bee" or some other animal/insect code word. soooo annoying!

LAWSON721494d ago

Strange I literally have never been kicked from a crucible game, only 2-3 times in story

DFray9191494d ago

i been kicked once in my 2nd crucible match. and i was like (O_O) oh no not this bull crap.

but other then that this game has been great! lag free. prefect connection.

retro_1494d ago

Agreed, I get kicked often and it's spoiling the experience for me ;(

ScottyHoss1494d ago

That sucks man :/ I'm lucky enough to have a good connection but two of my friends who play have connection issues as while, while the rest haven't gotten kicked yet (that streak ended for me last night). The best thing you can do is give an Ethernet cord a go, hopefully it'll help!

Nicxel1494d ago

Havnt had any stability issues on my X1.

Gamer19821494d ago

Its a stability update had a few teething issues no doubt due to high demand at launch. My fireteam kept getting split up after a couple of games. Played last couple of nights since patch and no issues.

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