NHL 15 Review – Something is Missing (PSLS)

The NHL series has been a beacon of consistency and year-on-year improvements, showing that just because the game releases every year, doesn’t mean it can’t improve. So when EA Sports announced NHL 15, we all assumed to get more of the same, but this time for the next-generation. However, as launch came closer, we were met with grim news around every corner as features have gone missing in almost every area of the game. After spending some time with NHL 15, I can tell you that the NHL games you knew in past years is gone, at least at launch.

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acharlez1494d ago

Bummer. Guess I won't be jumping on this.

Wedge191494d ago

We do companies think it's a good idea to remove features from games, instead of expanding them?>

EvilWay1494d ago

These reviews for this game are ridiculous. Yes I agree the features missing is absolutely ridiculous, but the game is not deserving of a 4/10.

The core gameplay is absolutely great, because it was built from the bottom up. The features will probably be added some time soon, because everyone is complaining that they aren't there.

I would give the game a 8/10 because of the core gameplay alone, it would be higher if the missing features were there, I can understand why people give it a low rating but a 4 is kind of low imo

dyani1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Maybe they spent all their money developing the graphics.

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