Remastered Gems or Rehashed Garbage? | The Trend of Re-Releases

After hearing last week’s news on Grand Theft Auto V finally receiving a remastered release date on current gen platforms – Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – and PC, there seems to be a lingering question that’s been nagging me for a couple days now; one that’s been floating around the internet since the start of this year. Is the trend of re-releasing video games justifiable?

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Rimgal1495d ago

I have to say, some of the best games I played this year are remastered games.

Tomb Raider
Diablo 3
The Last of Us
Rayman Legend
And I will probably buy GTA V.

So keep them coming I guess lol

spacedelete1494d ago

until next gen games become good remastered games are good for now.