Watch Dogs: Bad Blood hands-on: It feels great to be back in Chicago - Examiner

It's been nearly four months since we took a deep dive into the immersive world of Watch Dogs. Aiden Pearce took us on an adventure that left us wanting more, and here we are about to get another dose of Watch Dogs with the new DLC starring T-Bone called Bad Blood.

No this is not a Bastille song, this is a different take on a form of gameplay and interactivity Ubisoft delivered with Watch Dogs. While players will be taken to different parts of Chicago that they didn't see in the original full launch of the game, most of what you see should be relatively familiar.

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Somnipotent1586d ago

I never finished the original campaign. I don't think I ever will. It didn't draw me in.

Naga1586d ago

I beat it twice. Loved it both times.

starchild1586d ago

I only beat it once, but I enjoyed it.

Pintheshadows1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

The only thing I really like doing in Watch Dogs is causing chaos. Due to the genuinely unlikable nature of Aiden (he brought everything on himself and just looks to blame everyone but himself) I decided I would embrace it.

I just wanted to inconvenience people. Trying to get to work are you. Well, lets see how well you do when I put these barriers up. Hahaha. You will be late.

Oh look, traffic lights. Oh look, a pile up.

Having a nice walk. How about I shoot the pavement near your feet. Hahahaha. That is right, run.

I basically pretended Aiden had PTSD and had gone entirely nuts.

Say what you want about Watch Dogs. Just wrecking Chicago is fun and the brilliant cover mechanic and gunplay help. I hope this DLC has punching pedestrians in the face though. Although throwing an IED at a sex offender is always another viable option.

--bienio--1586d ago

Cant wait!! For me Watch Dogs is GOTY for at the moment...;)