Gamer Mondays: The Pitfalls of Destiny

"Bungie released its newest IP this past week in Destiny. It not only was the largest new IP launch in gaming history, but it also managed to gross over $500 million in sales. Destiny skyrocketed up sales charts in the UK and it's likely to be the highest selling game on the NPD charts for September." - Stealthy Box

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pompombrum1544d ago

I agree with the points made in the article and like the writer, despite all the flaws you can spend ages talking about, I find I still can't get enough of the game.

Grave1544d ago

Ya, people need to get over their own expectations for Destiny. It seems like my entire friends list is playing Destiny and we are all super addicted to it.

Alsybub1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I feel that there is far too much coverage of games at the moment. Websites continually speculate on what a game will be like and this is then talked about day in, day out in forums, comment sections and opinion pieces all over the internet. The excitement builds to extraordinary heights until expectations become totally unrealistic and everyone is left thinking the game isn't what they expected.

Sure the game has it's faults but I really like it. Then again, I didn't have high expectations for it in the first place.