Cliff Blezinski won't rule out Gears of War 3 or 4

VG247: In an interview with Danish site Gamereactor, Gears of War producer Cliff Blezinski said that if Gears 2 is a success then a third and fourth game would be likely.

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Fishy Fingers3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Not going to shoot your cash cow now are you.

1stKnighT3826d ago

If Gears 2 is a success??? LMAO!

beavis4play3826d ago

but, if he isn't already planning on future gears, will each game be a separate story that stands on it's own? i don't see how gears2 can have a cliff-hanger ending if he isn't sure there will be future games.

flexbox3603826d ago

gears 2 is likely to be a success. just like alot of u say killzone 2 will be a success. dont be a biast cunt

plenty a tool3826d ago

personally, i think that no3 will be one of the launch titles for the next xbox. together with something from bungie. after the reasonably underwhelming launch line up of the 360. i think microsoft will want to fire a massive salvo when they launch some new hardware in 2010/11. and seeing how many xboxs the last gears shifted, and how much software got sold...gears3 as a launch title could be a good move.

Nevers3826d ago

after the success of the first Gears, I thought I remember they announced it was definitely gonna be a trilogy the least.

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Silogon3826d ago

Look, when it comes to movies or games if you can't get it done and over with in 3 goes, something is wrong. This isn't a comic book or a graphic novel or a publication. It's digital media.

If you can't tell a story over the course of 6 years (speaking in terms of 2 year dev cycles) you need new writers for your show. All I can say.

I am so sick of seeing tomb raider games, mario games, final Fantasy games even mgs4 was a bit hop and scrawl for me. Great game but it was the most wordy of any of them and it should've been the 3rd, not the 4th.

Wildarmsjecht3826d ago

You do know that no final fantasy with the exception of 10 and 10-2 were direct sequels right? Yea. Just figured you needed some knowledge with this wrapping up a story nonsense.

Zeal0t3826d ago

considering the huge success of the first GoW im confident that the second will do very well too.

Gitaroo3826d ago

ya, as long as they dont pull a Halo 3 ending for Gears 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.