Women Strike Back in the Video Games Sex War

Evil women are coming to take away your computer games. At least, that’s the message that a group of angry young men have been articulating on the internet in the past few weeks. According to them, these games – once a haven for socially awkward teenage boys – are being ruined by the monstrous regiment of females.

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Nyxus1520d ago

Ah, once again very one-sided, I see. Classy.

Beetey1520d ago

That one paragraph is enough to tell me that I do not want to give this article another hit.

Nyxus1520d ago

Yeah, don't waste your time with it.

TekoIie1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

If you don't want to give them hits just Google the title, and add archive. You can then read the article without supporting them.

3-4-51518d ago

It's from the UK....they taught our journalists all about Sensationalism...

There is no war.

Media with no integrity loves, to create false wars though, so they can make money.

LaviniaMadzivi1518d ago

"Women Strike Back"

Do they now?

What is this Star Wars Episode V?

I'm a woman and I don't ever remember "Striking back" just wanting to play games and keep video games Journalism far from corruption. . . but f**k me right?

Godmars2901520d ago

Bad indication of where the general public argument is.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081520d ago

That look on hilary clinton's face is priceless!

Saito1519d ago

The weak gets weaker.. Filth

SteamPowered1519d ago

What a penis-shriveling article.

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The story is too old to be commented.