Crystal on 'Temple of Osiris' FPS and resolution: 30 FPS and 1080p is guaranteed was able to speak to Scot Amos, Executive Producer at developer Crystal Dynamics about the focus of hitting a high frame per second threshold consistently, while running at 1080p resolution.

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user65409481494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

30 fps?? This game is an overhead POV like diablo, which means there is virtually no draw distance. This free's up tons of resources for the ps4, so why the heck is it not 60 fps? If TLOU can do 60/1080p than why can't some low tech game?

I understand Driveclub and Bloodborne (beautiful games with huge draw distance and large maps) being 30 fps while 1080p. But not this game. Only xbone would have an issue like that...

Anyone else smell a parity clause in effect? Especially since Crystal Dynamics/Square is already in bed with M.S. over that Rise of Tomb Raider exclusivity debacle.

supergrobi11492d ago

What do you dream at night? The ps4 is already outdated, if you want to have tons of free resources, buy a PC.

user65409481492d ago

I want good exclusives. Not many found on pc. And those that are could eventually be ported one day. Like Diablo 3. None of the pc exclusives are obligated to stay that way. None of those devs are lovked contractually to a pc.