Shadow Warrior Gets New Console Gameplay Trailer

Shadow Warrior has received a new trailer for its upcoming PS4 and Xbox One release this September. The trailer features some absolutely brutal swordplay and some classic car singing to a catchy tune. The trailer was shown on the PlayStation Blog.

Shadow Warrior is an FPS/Slasher game that is a remake of the 1997 classic. You play as Lo Wang, a self-proclaimed katana enthusiast.

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Hendrickson1584d ago

Looks crazy this game. Don't expect a good story, just full on action!

Gearfox1584d ago

Because sometimes a little Punch-Out style racism and screw you cover based shooting is what gamers want. Looks awesome.

XXXL1584d ago

That was surprisingly bad in an awesome way! Actually want to play this now

Misterhon1584d ago

U don't mess with the Lo Wang :) looks awesome!