Process of elimination: No HDD means… something else

As the internet, and our friends over at GoNintendo, has fully exploited about recent chats with Laurent Fischer from Nintendo, it seems we aren't getting a shiny new hard drive for the Wii.

Fischer says about the matter:

"Definitely there's no plan to issue hardware, an external hard drive, but we know that we have an issue in that area. It's very obvious and we're perfectly aware of it, but there's nothing we can say beyond this. This area is fully handled by the development team in Japan. It's very linked to the overall strategy; that's something they're working on."

If there isn't a plan to issue hardware, then Nintendo will likely stick to their guns and encourage users to download and re-download Virtual Console and Wii Ware titles, with some sort of added interface. Maybe they'll include added SD card support, but little else it seems (unless they use special Nintendo magic).
But that's beyond the point. Something else should demand your attention. Since Nintendo recently posted a job opportunity for a tester to work with usb devices, we still can ask the question, "what usb devices?"

So what else can Nintendo spring on us, that isn't a memory solution, that connects to the Wii's usb ports?

So through a process of elimination, here's my top three picks of devices that might have a usb connector in the works:

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Fernando Rocker3869d ago

Maybe they are not going to release a Nintendo branded HDD hardware. Instead, they will allow to use any kind of external HDD.

They only stated that "there's no plan to issue hardware, an external hard drive..." but Nintendo didn't say that they will not update the firmware to allow USB storage.

kesvalk3869d ago

except the usb lan conector, what else goes in the USB port?

Voiceofreason3869d ago

Nothing yet, but Nintendo just did a listing to hire a person to be in charge of coming up with manufacturing plan and testing plans for USB devices. Or something like that.

BrotherNick3869d ago

They should honestly make a tally of how many people want a HDD, through the Everybody Votes Channel.

Pornlord3869d ago

Not having plans for hardware seems a bit shortsided to me. I wonder how long they plan to support the console before coming out with next gen?

smartmart3869d ago

just a tought like that
Was there any discussion about the possibility of online storage (i.e. .mac)? This way you may gain permanent storage online and the Wii HDD can be managed to your needs. I'm sure that with some good thinking this could be done without sacrifying too much of the perfomance and versatility of a local HDD.

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