Grand Theft Auto 5: Last Vs. Current Gen 1080p Video Comparison Shows Improved Vistas & Animations

Last week was pretty important for Grand Theft Auto 5 fans. Rockstar finally confirmed the release dates for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the title along with a brand new trailer. The new trailer, as expected, showcased improved graphical effects and texture resolution.

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KYPRIME1492d ago

gamingbolt with their mediocre shit again

Kayant1492d ago


"Improved Animations" - Lmaoooo. They are the exact same. Also something rockstar said they haven't improved.

tee_bag2421491d ago

Terrible captures to be comparing graphics. I want that 1 minute of my life back.

Hellsvacancy1492d ago

So GTAV is in widescreen? I hate black bars

A2X_1492d ago

No in-game black bars friend, rest assured.

Hellsvacancy1492d ago

I hope so, why are the cutscenes in widescreen?

SteamPowered1492d ago

My heart burns for GTA V. So sad I have to wait till next year :(

madworld1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I want to see major differences not just a little enhancement

I hope to see amazing weather and time lapse conditions withe gorgeous environment like Red dead or Skyrim to understand what I mean see this video:

For god sick guys we need major jumps in this generation not just Remaster games, I want so badly to see games push the new console and use all powers, THAT WHAT I WANT

TXIDarkAvenger1492d ago

Couldn't show them side by side?

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