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To put a few things into perspective, I picked up X3: Albion Prelude about a year or so ago and have just surpassed the 250 hour mark. While this may not seem like all that much for a year worth of gaming, keep in mind that I have also been churning out reviews on a near-daily basis. I always find time for X3, no matter the situation, I love the X series as a whole. Between the first X title and X3: Albion Prelude, well, I likely have in the upwards of 3,000 hours (mind you, X: Beyond the Frontier was originally released in 1999), if not more though it does get a little hazy given my long stint as a die-hard World of Warcraft member. I have a long and wonderful history with the X-line of games, they are some of the only games that really ever allowed me to realize the dreams of space and seeing the universe, all the while participating in large-scale battles and streaking through space, weaving and dodging other craft as you attempt to out maneuver that devastating poltergeist missile.

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edqe1588d ago

It is good to see this game get more recent reviews since it has got so much better from the release - it feels almost different game already. The review was about version 2.0 but 2.5 is already.

Excellent game and it is getting better. Egosoft has good reputation for a long support and they are continuing doing that.