Major Resident Evil 5 reveal planned for E3

VG247: Capcom's confirmed that Resident Evil 5 will be the star of the publisher's show at E3 this year, and zombie fans would do well to keep there eyes super-peeled.

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STARS3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

May I be the first to say, the sooner the better, and this game looks freakin' amazing. Keep at it, Capcom!!1

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3869d ago

...unless you are a Zombie and your eyes have fallen out!!!;-D
Can't WAIT!!! ;-P +for E3 ;-P

MK_Red3869d ago

I bet it's either co-op or PC version.

Drekken3869d ago

didnt they already announce coop a few weeks ago?

MK_Red3869d ago

I think that was a rumor based on the latest trailer. No solid info / announcement.

Drekken3869d ago

I hope they have it... Coop can even make a game that is so blah like Haze fun.

likeaboss3023869d ago

Nothing can make Haze fun, that went right back to Gamefly after a couple hrs of play. Haze is trash.

Drekken3869d ago

ok ok... it made haze playable. When you are sitting side by side with your coop partner playing split screen... it tends to make the experience a lot more fun then it would of been alone.

ChampIDC3869d ago

Coop can make a lot of lackluster games enjoyable. Take Army of Two. By yourself, it's pretty darn bad, like 6/10, but with a friend, it's upwards of 8/10. I'm sure the same can go for Haze.

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vloeistof3869d ago

cant wait to see more.

holland beat romenia 2-0 o yeah

Organic_Chemistry3869d ago


likeaboss3023869d ago

Capcom you need to raise the bar past MGS4 with this one. 20 hrs of cutscenes please. J/K keep the gameplay/cutscenes mix like the previous games in the series and you have a winner.

Drekken3869d ago

No they will try to surpass NG2... Bad camera and shallow story. It will rock.

likeaboss3023869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

I'm a Metal Gear fan but I have to take a jab once in awhile at that interactive movie MGS4 I just played. I have a feeling RE5 is really going to raise the gameplay bar like RE4 did. Very much like MGS4 raised the bar for story telling.

Drekken3869d ago

The cut scenes are long, but the overall experience was awsome. If you want to get some MGS action without the cut scenes, go online.

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The story is too old to be commented.