New StarCraft 2 Artwork

With the reveal of Char, Blizzard also unveiled a host of new "Zergy" Concept Art images of the planet. High Resolution versions available at

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Maticus3958d ago

Man, Char looks bloody cool, I love lava :)

SCFreelancer3958d ago

Great concept art as always. Looking at this art does make me wonder how an organic creature such as the Zerg is able to survive environments like this. Saying this looks hostile is a big understatement.

Leord3958d ago

There are creatures on earth living in boiling water under the crust of the earth... I just hope that that type of heat resistance won't translate to (earthly) viruses.

I would assume that the Zerg can live fine there, if adapted, as long as they keep out of the actual Lava itself...

nice_cuppa3958d ago

i would rather it came to ps3/360 !

i hate pc gaming !

should i get this new graphics card or a ps3 !
see the problem......

SCFreelancer3958d ago

Officially the system requirements for Starcraft 2 are still unknown. I expect them to be on part of heavier then those set for their latest product World of Warcraft.

If you want the play competitive minimum requirements won't do of course.

Leord3958d ago

How would that work? Is there Keyboard and mouse for the consoles? I just like Guitar hero, I am no console expert since SNES fell out of use ;)

Leord3958d ago

There was system requirements ( http://starcraft.incgamers.... posted a month or so back, but Blizzard has said that "those were not publicised by us", and the only thing they have announced is the shader requirement.

The thing is, there was some debate about this, and in the end I think that the requirements are probably quite close to the truth in the end anyway. That Magazine could very well have received hints of teh requirements from some random low-level dev at Blizzard HQ.