The Crew offers more than Forza Horizon and Driveclub, says dev

Upcoming racer The Crew offers more for players than rivals Forza Horizon 2 and Driveclub, according to creative director Julian Gerighty.

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nX1495d ago

More boring activities and terrible physics, yes.

Forn1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Comes down to gameplay and feel, and The Crew seems to fail at both. It isn't pretty to look at either.

Tibbers1495d ago

Have you played the second beta or did you just jump on the hate train like pretty much everyone else?

mcarsehat1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

You probably aren't even thinking about Forza are you?? It's ok, I can tell by the name.

I think The Crew is the best looking racer coming out, Literally the best looking? no, but i am not a four year old. Shiny shiny graphics aren't the only reason to buy a game. Since when were simulators more fun than arcade racers? Need For Speed Rivals has been the best Racing game since Burnout Paradise (THE best racer of last Gen) and i am still having fun due to it's casual side to racing (Even with the ridiculous, over the top, ham acted, melodramatic storyline.

All that Driveclub and Forza have going for themselves is Graphics ad Phsyics, they achieve that by removing the fun, replayable aspects of each game.

The Crew's graphical limitations are understandable too due to the sheer size of the map. I cannot wait for the Crew and i wish more people would say "to hell with that, let's have fun" into mind other than thinking of the graphics of a game, we wouldn't have so many 'Destinys' then.

Forn1495d ago

Wooow, you must be joking. The only thing I kind of agree with you in that statement is that Burnout Pardise is the best racing game of last-gen, though I loooove Motorstorm.

system221495d ago

i appreciate your opinion but i honestly think forza horzions will be a better game than the crew for many reasons. better physics, better car models. tuning, graphics, dev team etc. don't get me wrong, i'm sure the crew will be fun but i bet it gets solid 7's with reviews. horizons will probably be around 8.5 average i bet. maybe i'll be wrong but thats the way i see it.

Scatpants1495d ago

Driveclub is an arcade racer. It is made by the people that made Motorstorm, you seem to be confusing it with a sim game.

Magicite1495d ago

why all developers/publishers Ive loved are turning into leechers/junk makers? (ubisoft/square enix/activision)

C-H-E-F1495d ago

Wait did this dev just compare an open-world ACTION GAME... to a Racer?? lOl why not talk about ALL the other games in its same genre... LMFAO...ohhh can't do that buddy?? and yeah it adds wayyyy more BS activities and bland graphics... lmfao aww the downgrade and meh game and forgettable story/characters

3-4-51495d ago

Forza Horizon 2 is the only Driving game pretty much Guaranteed to be at least pretty darn good.

The others are unknown a bit, but look promising.

Forza has a GREAT track record, so I'm thinking H2 will continue that good reputation.

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Walker1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I donot know much about The Crew's gameplay but damn this game looks last gen to me compared to Driveclub and even Forza Horizon 2 !

Tibbers1495d ago

It doesn't look "last-gen" but yeah, it looks unarguably worse than FH2 and DriveClub. That's the price you have to pay for a huge world like in The Crew.

strangeaeon1495d ago

Lol @EVEN Forza. Just couldn't help yourself.

Dlacy13g1495d ago

Its true... it does appear to have a ridiculous over the top story the others don't.

danowat1495d ago

Didn't your parents tell you to pick your fights wisely Julian?.

Dark111495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

It doesn't matter , the game is going to bomb so hard.

same day as Assassin's Creed Unity and Rogue and halo
and one week before FarCry 4 , GTA V and Dragon age.

WeAreLegion1495d ago

Ubisoft isn't that stupid. They won't release all those games at the same time. Something will be pushed to 2015. I guarantee it.

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