Sneak Peak: Mirror's Edge

Video interview with Senior Producer of Mirror's Edge: Owen O'Brien

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turbidDwarf3871d ago

Probably more so than Gears & Resistance. This just looks fresh. Nice bright colors (unlike today's grit, greyed out look of COD4/Gears of War), first person adventure, and Parkour!

kewlkat0073871d ago

I actually have that tune that was played from that trailer a while back. Every time I hear it I wanna know more about this game.

Xi3871d ago

I like all the parkour and free running jazz...

but I don't get the other mechanics, like the gun-play and melee. Either Way, i think I'll get this on PC just to see what mess of maps people will develop.

njd823871d ago

Don't get me wrong, it has tons of potential and looks great.

But so did Assassin's Creed.

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