What happened to Titanfall?

"Having dominated E3, receiving several awards and winning in all its nominated categories, Titanfall was touted by many to be the second coming for competitive FPS’. "

"Is Titanfall one of the many seemingly ‘over-hyped’ games of this year joining the ranks of Infamous: Second Son, Watchdogs and Destiny?"

Gaz from Gameondaily discusses why Titanfall failed to live up to its expectations

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mhunterjr1589d ago

I'm pretty sure Titan fall is still being played by more people than Second Son, and. Watch Dogs.

I'm not sure why people keep implying it went somewhere

johndoe112111589d ago

it is beyond idiocy when people try to compare the amount of people playing infamous and titanfall. Infamous is a single player game only. In which universe does a single player game have a higher SUSTAINED player count than than a multiplayer game? Titanfall is supposed to have A LOT more people playing it than infamous. your comment is full of desperation, ignorance and just plain old fanboy stupidity.

InTheLab1589d ago

More people playing a multiplayer only game versus a single player only game? And 4 people agreed with you?

King_of_Nothing1589d ago

That Titanfall staying power got you mad or nah

johndoe112111589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

@the three geniuses directly below me

Exactly what part of my comment shows anger or saltiness? Oh wait, this is a sorry, I mean xbox tread, obviously you guys will see my comment as salty. And to the genius that disagreed with me, please notice the word "sustained" in my comment and if you still disagree please prove me wrong. Choose the 20 most popular single player and multiplayer games and show me which of the single player games have a higher sustained player count than the multiplayer games.

mhunterjr1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Idiocy? Calm down bro.

Being a single player game doesn't recuse infamous second son from its lack of replayability. Other games from the same genre offer WAY more to do before you are done with the campaign AND have a mp component as well (gta, ass creed, saints row, watch dogs). You can't use infamous' flaws as a reason it shouldn't be criticized.

This article asks 'what happened to titan fall' as if it's no longer popular. But unlike infamous, it remains on the sales charts, and has plenty of people still enjoying it. It has staying power. It hasn't gone anywhere.

People keep suggesting that it fell off, but the lobbies are still full...plenty of gen 1 players still popping up... We're discussing a problem that doesn't exist.

pinkcrocodile751589d ago


I completely agree with your assessment. Finally someone who stops, thinks and writes a considered response.


Your man @mhunterjr has hit the nail on the head. I assume you concede his point?

guyman1589d ago


you're comment was completely rational and fair, only desperate and petty fools would think about making a comparison between titanfall and second son. The games just simply couldn't be more different.

Personally, and i'll say it, i hate FPS multiplayer only games like battlefield, cod, etc. and Let's face it, people who think COD sucks, which it does, yet think Titanfall is "teh best game eva"need to re-evaluate their extremely low standards. I have seen too much of that on the internet its crazy. This is simply because of its exclusivity status.

I know Second son really isnt anything special, but to compare it to titanfall and say its less popular because Titan fall "is still being played by more people than Second Son" is damn straight idiocy

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donthate1589d ago

The only game I am still playing from this year is Titanfall. Destiny and all the others, nah! Overhyped and boring.

pedrof931589d ago

You still play titanfall ? Well X1 didn't get any other exclusive after that.

donthate1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )


It's not like there is much games on other current generations consoles like the PS4 either. I own both Xbox One and PS4, and it has pretty much been a drought. Until PS4 finally got a remaster this August and then there is nothing on the PS4 I want until February with Bloodborn.

On Xbox One there is Sunset Overdrive and Halo: MCC then drought too.

Spinal1589d ago

Although true. I believe more people would be playing Titanfall if they added far more weapons to unlock and some more titans for customisation.

The fact that they only add maps or burn cards with each dlc is truly pathetic.

It's an online only shooter with no real Singleplayer campaign and yet they didn't think to add more guns? Call of duty has loads of weapons to choose from and unlock and respawn are the guys that kicked it all off.

mhunterjr1589d ago

Sure it ain't perfect. The franchise certainly has room to grow... but it's maintained its polarity, and still has a large community...

Articles and comments that suggest otherwise are just plain wrong.

D-riders1589d ago

people troll stuff and makes them look stupid. how can you argue multiplayer than people playing single player

geddesmond1589d ago

Lol surprise surprise a MP game is still being played compared to single player only games ROFLMAO. Lol theres more people playing KZ right now than there is Titanfall.

Septic1589d ago

"Lol theres more people playing KZ right now than there is Titanfall."

Yeah right. Show us some evidence of this please.

1589d ago
SuperLupe1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Lol at the author trying to throw shade at Titanfall because Destiny sucks. It's not EA, Respawn or MS's fault that Destiny turned out mediocre.

Titanfall is still being played like crazy on Live, still on the charts at retail and got good scores though it did have its flaws. The only thing Titanfall failed to do was push Xbox ahead of the PS4 as MS were hoping. Destiny failed at even being a good game.

I remember at the beginning of the year asking people why should I be excited for Destiny besides te fact that Activision nad Bungie told me to ... Never really got answer

Destiny got bad scores and will be forgotten online by the end of October at the latest.

DigitalRaptor1588d ago

Congrats on being so caught up in the hype like the reviewers (AND the bias), that it didn't register to you that Titanfall has the exact same weaknesses as Destiny.

Destiny is no less than a 7/10 objectively. It's a solid shooter and has more content than Titanfall. Go and read why people rated Destiny badly, then look at what Titanfall is as a product.

mrpsychoticstalker1589d ago

Lol, Titanfall remains one of the best games this year. This article is just to distract gamers from what's happening to destiny at the moment. It's a complete flaw. Gzuz Playstation owners go to some extent. Destiny is also on Xbox people. No need to go out and compared to other exclusives that are still on the top charts.

zeeballs1589d ago

yes, and COD ghosts is being played by even more, what's your point?

Titanfall was overhyped by the media, it's not a bad game but I blame the media for presenting it as the second coming of jesus.

Gamer19821588d ago

The issue it always had was the developers clearly chose the wrong system from the get go and overhyped it. Simple as that. Playstation running away as a clear leader seriously hurt the games sales just like what happened with Heavenly Sword last generation. A great game that nobody played as 360 was beating out PS3 thanks to PS3s silly price. Though 360 and PS3 was a little closer than the situation right now also.

Foehammer1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

#1 fps of 2014 thus far.

And that's not from 100 Countries...

Or 42 Countries...

Just 13 Countries, with 29 more coming

How many other games are still charting like TF after this amount of time? Not many,

DonMingos1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

It has already come out on those other 29 countries.

And isn't the game on the 360 to?

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Razorus1589d ago

It has disappeared off he radar but I would put it down to the simple fact that other games have come out. Also, many people haven't made the jump to next-gen yet because it was forced upon is consumers quite suddenly and there are many cross-generation titles on the way too. It's just old now.

poppinslops1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I purchased the Titanfall Bundle on the day it was discontinued (about a month back)...
Yesterday I reached level 40, yet in that entire time I've only ever seen 2 other players on multiple occasions... Yes, I'm sure there were some players I didn't notice, but it seems to me like the numbers are strong (also has a good noob/veteran ratio).
Titanfall IS the xbox One's best-seller, but I'm in Australia and it was suprising to see our servers so full...

Respawn are still adding maps and modes, so... No. It hasn't disappeared off any radars.

colt-of-tipton1589d ago

Might have lacked content but still the most fun I've had with a shooter since bad company 2 , don't knock it till you have tried it.

ape0071589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

it's the best MP game i've played since CoD4/MW2/Bad Company 2/Halo3

spicelicka1588d ago

Exactly, lol people are actually busy playing it so why would they come here to announce to everyone how popular it is.

HiTMaNHuntr1588d ago

I'm still playing Bad Company 2. :P
Such a fun game.

Gamer19821588d ago

Amazing game still beats most of todays shooters.

SuperDan-Dare1589d ago

It was a nice idea. I'm sure the sequel will be a lot better. But just felt like COD+mechs and a bit of parkour. COD was getting boring even before the next gens appeared, so not surprised it suffered from some amount of player fatigue.

ape0071589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

it lacked content but it's just amazing man and well very done

sometimes it's unbelievable how fast paced and well structured the gameplay is, almost unreal, the game has expanded the online MP and render the usual MP irrelevant, Vintage Original Infinity Ward

i expect great future for the franchise, the talent is there, just add a great campaign, expand stuff and have some good soundtrack and story and you'll have a modern day classic

InTheLab1589d ago

How has the game expanded multiplayer?