It's not that Destiny is bad, it's that it's episodic

Reviews are coming out. Players are now being open about their experience and you begin to see where Destiny shines and fades at the same time. Every time I'm about to feel myself falling in love with this game, something comes along, to pull me out.

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TimeSkipLuffy1589d ago

I fear what will come is just the same we already have. Just new maps and the mission will be to kill the enemy... maybe we get some new weapons and enemies, too. BUT I have a feeling it won't go much further. We still won't see the planet come to life. A story that connects with the gamer. My fear is Destiny is just a solid shooter with maps over maps, weapons over weapons and enemies over enemies and that's it.

I really hope Bungie proves me wrong and they will add more then just missions and events to their game.

D-riders1588d ago

Have any of the people asking for a story every played an mmo. I'd like you to explain the story. Silly kids stop trying to make destiny something it's not supposed to be

KonsoruMasuta1587d ago

Bungie said it's not an MMO, though.

sobotz1587d ago

With that 3 player max? 20 missions/quests? 30 capped lvl? haha, have you ever played any MMO


But that is the big problem...

Bungie themselves are the ones who keep trying to drum into our heads that it's NOT an MMO.

They are also the ones that keep Banging on about how big and epic the universe and story is going to be.

lets be honest... 99% of the time when a game gets overhyped it's usually gamers and journalists saying stuff about it that the dev's really never said. In this case though, I think Bungie really over promised when it came to story and content.

It does not matter what "old gen" MMO's have or have not done with story telling. It's about what Bungie said we would get and what was delivered. It just makes one question, how much content will we be getting in these expansions and if we have to keep paying for them are they doing to deliver on value?

Everyone can see where there is potential for the game to be awesome and we can also see where there is potential for a lot of dlc milking when even the core experience is not really satisfying.

thaimasker1587d ago

Vindictus is an MMO and has one of my fav stories, 10000000000000000 better than destinys. No excuse as to why destiny couldn't have a decent story among other things

donthate1587d ago


I go by what Bungie potrayed the game as, a vast world to explore, a great epic story and a lot of content.

What I got was none of that. I got 4 worlds, that missions got repeated on, a terrible narrative, a generic story told boringly and overall a boring experience.

The multiplayer is sadly lacking quite a bit to.

So yeah, reality is don't set up expectations you can't meet, because the way down is far steeper and uglier.

Sell it for what it is now, especially so in video games. I'm not going to wait 5 years, but buy your game now, and then the sequel to experience what you told me this is all about!

D-riders1586d ago

They said it's not a mmo cause there is no pay structure. But what about the game doesn't say mmo. MMO HAVE THE SAME STRUCTURE level cap and the gear level up. I'm glad they are not calling it a mmo cause either wouldn't be paying thag Also my point wasn't that it's a mmo my point is its the same structure almost.

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Lev19031587d ago

I have a strong feeling that they left a lot of things out of the game so that they have something for the sequels.
Considering that this is 10 year project.

I bet the sequels will have more guns, more enemies and a better story. We just got the bare minimum for this game.

I am having tons of fun with this repetitive game nontheless.

Jdoki1587d ago

If we look at Wow, Everquest 2 and just about any other MMO, they were almost empty shells when launched compared to the games they are today.

I see exactly the same happening with Destiny.

I'm just hoping Bungie find a good balance between free content, and paid for DLC, Expansions and sequels.

Some of the detractors are looking at Destiny as if it's the finished, final game. This is just the start.

700p1587d ago

Ya alot of ppl are still having fun with the game despite the same complaints that its repetitive.

ramiuk11587d ago

they should have strikes with random mobs and bosses

n4rc1589d ago

Feel the story will come together a bit more in the dlc.. But how much?

Its really all over the place.. Who is the enemy to earth? Fallen, hive, vex or cabal? Or did we get invaded by 4 alien species then they all decided to pick a planet? Lol

I'm sure the 5th and 6th species will really tie them all together :p

Still loving the game.. But story? Its virtually nonexistent.. They'd need 2-3 full games just to salvage what they've started with it



All we know is "The Darkness"....

At first I thought all the different species were part of one big presence that was "The Darkness" but then why are they fighting each other?

What's the deal with that...?

The more I think about it the less I understand what the hell is going and why am I actually doing what I am doing.

It will be interesting to see how much story they pack into the expansions and how much it will cost us to get the full picture of what the story actually is.

As it goes though, I think it had some of worst scripting I can think of in a game.

If it was not for the production quality I would have been pulling my hair out! playing the whole story I realised the problem with Peter's voice acting was not his, it was the script itself and all the other characters sounded just as bad.

ramiuk11587d ago

many mmo games dont really have story,so it has better than some.

ithink the shooter doenst help with the game style(mmo).
mmo go much better with magic etc like EQ2 and such

Dr Face Doctor1587d ago

It's episodic? Well someone should have told the price tag and the release schedule that.

airdragonzz1587d ago

So much controversy with destiny lol. Hope bungie learns from this

llxKonanxll1587d ago

I would've picked the game up if it had an enticing story.. and a single player.

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